Where to Find Worcestershire Sauce in the Grocery Store

Fun Fact; Worcestershire sauce is a fermented flavor with a vinegar base. It took its name from Worcester, where it was first made.

If you enjoy the tang and sweet tastes this condiment adds to food, you’re sure to find this post interesting; as you already have, I digress. 

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Which Grocery Store Aisle is Worcestershire Sauce in?

The first aisle to check for Worcestershire sauce is the condiment aisle. Another aisle you might find this item is the grocery store’s vegan or natural food section.

Meanwhile, ensure you read the labels correctly to ensure it’s what you want. For example, Worcestershire sauce is predominantly non-vegan because it contains anchovies (a type of fish), but there are still vegan options like Annie’s.

Grocery stores that sell Worcestershire Sauce

Worcestershire Sauce

Many stores carry Worcestershire. Below are our picks:


The fastest means to buy Worcestershire sauce is to order it from Amazon. You have the liberty to compare different products and prices. Heinz, American Garden, French are some of the Worcestershire sauce products on Amazon.


You can also turn to Walmart if you want to order Worcestershire sauce quickly. Just like Amazon, Walmart offers you different options. Products like Lea and Perrins, Great Value, Heinz, and gluten-free Kikkoman.

Whole Foods Market

At Whole Foods, you’ll get products like Annie’s, 365, and Wan Ja Shan of Worcestershire sauce. Just head over to their condiment aisle, and you’ll find them.


Publix carries Worcestershire sauce products like Lea and Perrins, Annie’s, and French’s. Walk into your closest Publix store and check their condiment aisle.


At Safeway, you’ll find Worcestershire sauce in their condiment aisle. They carry brands like Lea and Perrins, Heinz, Signature, O Organics, and French’s. 


You can get pure vegan options at Kroger like Simple Truth Organics and Annie’s. You’ll also find other products on the condiment shelves of the store.


What do you use Worcestershire sauce for?

Like rice wine, Worcestershire sauce adds a special and unique flavor to foods. Here are some ways Worcestershire is used:

  • Used for dressing Caesar salad
  • Throw some in as you stir-fry your noodles. The savoriness will be charming.
  • Add extra flavor to your dish by using Worcestershire sauce in making vegan buffalo sauce.

How does Worcestershire sauce taste?

Worcestershire has a tangy taste with a unique umami flavor. The tangy taste is due to the vinegar base, while the umami flavor is from a fish called anchovies.

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