Where to find wheat berries in grocery store

Searching for where to find wheat berries in the grocery store? You’re in luck.

We know where to look.

Cooked wheat berries in a white plate

Wheat berries are special delicacies. In the USA, they are used in salads.

In Eastern Europe, they are used to make porridge, while in France, they are eaten as a side dish.

Now, enough of the history class. Let’s get searching!

Where can I find wheat berries?

You can find wheat berries in the Grain aisle of the grocery store. Usually, it’s stored in the section with rice and beans in stock. 

The Bulk bin section is the second hot spot you should check. Although, most stores style their sections differently.

Bulk section of the grocery store

So there’s every possibility you won’t find it in either sections. But we recommend asking a store employee to guide you.

Grocery stores that sell wheat berries

Wheat berries are common, and shouldn’t be hard to find them in almost any store. 

However, if you aren’t successfully spotting where to find wheat berries in grocery store, here are some of the stores you can also check:


Amazon is one of the largest stores online. You will find different brands of wheat berries there. It offers online deliveries, and you can also order items from the comfort of your home and have them delivered to your doorstep.

Some popular brands of wheat berries we recommend buying on Amazon are as follows:

Palouse hard red spring wheat berries
Each bag of wheat berries comes with a code you can enter on our website to identify the field the product was grown in and then harvest date.
Bob's Red Mill Organic Kamut Khorasan wheat berries
Reimagine your favorite rice dish with the rich, nutty taste, pleasant chew and satisfyingly firm texture of Kamut.
Food to Live wheatberries
HIGHLY NUTRITIOUS: Wheat Berries are loaded with Potassium, Selenium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, and Folate. Moreover, they are trans-fat and cholesterol-free.


Inside Walmart, you will find the wheat berries in the grain section. Walmart offers brands like the Non-GMO hard white wheat berries and the Food to live hard red wheat berries


Target stores wheat berries in the Grain aisle. They also do deliveries, so you can use the online store to order it to your doorstep. 


Currently, Kroger has just few brands of wheat berries to choose from. But you can check any of the store’s outlets to find more. If not, you can add these available ones to your cart and order it online.

Whole Foods

Presently, Whole Foods has only this Toasted wheat berry flakes brand. But on the bright side, they offer online delivery services, which is suitable for people that don’t have any of its outlets close to them. 

Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s sell different brands of wheat berries, including their self-made brand. Unfortunately, you can’t order it, or any other products, online. But you can check the condiment or cooking section to find it. 

Harps Food Store

At Harps Food Store, you’re sure to find wheat berries, and they offer online delivery options.


H.E.B has few brands of wheat berries to choose from. For the best shopping experience, we advise ordering them online. 


You will find different options of wheat berries inside Safeway. Online delivery is an option for a convenient shopping experience.

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