Where to find Wax Paper in grocery stores

Wax paper, as the name implies, is made out of wax. The material is made super thin yet waterproof,  and is used for various purposes — lining counter tops to prevent a mess when you’re kneading dough, wrapping food, and lining containers you want to store baked goods in.

Wax paper isn’t the same as parchment or baking paper. Though it is water resistant, wax paper can’t withstand heat and will melt at high temperatures. Hence, you can’t put it in your oven or microwave. If you want to know where to find wax paper, we’ll show you the right aisles and store locations to check.

What aisle is wax paper in?

Wax paper is usually in the Baking aisle of most grocery stores and supermarkets. You will find it there in rolls or pre-cut sheets.  Even though wax paper can’t go into your oven, it’s a great material for stopping dough from sticking to your rolling pin or countertops when you knead.

The Baking aisle is also where stores keep aluminum foil and plastic wraps. Grocery stores change their layout frequently, so you may notice a difference in aisle arrangements sometimes. If navigating through the store becomes confusing, just ask a random employee for guidance. 

Stores you can buy wax paper from

The following grocery stores sell wax paper. However, aisles and sections vary across locations. Some of the stores have online locators that help you find the right aisle for the branch in your region. Stores like Trader Joe’s don’t offer delivery options on their website. You may need to use a food delivery app.


Amazon sells Reynolds wax paper, a popular and trusted brand. They also sell red and pink wax paper if you need a break from the white and brown types. You can order them from the comfort of your home, and Amazon will deliver to your doorstep.

GREASE-RESISTANT FOOD WRAPPING PAPER: Holds grease at bay, but is porous enough to allow steam to escape, making it a solid option for hot sandwiches, wraps, burgers, etc. You will receive basket liners a total of 100 sheet 25CM x 21CM sheets of red and white, grease resistant delicatessen paper.
Reynolds Cut Rite Wax Paper, 75 Sqft (Pack of 3)
  • This package contains three rolls of Reynolds Cut-Rite Wax Paper, measuring 75 feet x 12 inches
  • Disposable wax paper provides an ideal protective surface to minimize messes when making candy, decorating cakes, dipping strawberries in chocolate or creating art projects
  • Foods lift right off the nonstick waxed paper surface without leaving a mess behind
  • Cut-Rite Wax Paper Roll is ideal for resting utensils when mixing and measuring
  • Use nonstick wax paper as a protective barrier for tables, desks and counters
Waxtex Wax Paper Roll (75 Feet)
  • Use in microwave ovens to prevent splatters without melting into container, or use to wrap food
  • Wrap sandwiches, desserts, popcorn balls and caramels
  • Allow your dipped chocolates and candies to cool on this nonstick surface
  • Country of origin is United States

Whole Foods Market

This store is the best place to shop if you want organic or natural foods. However, their website doesn’t offer delivery options. Since Amazon owns the store, you can order from Whole Foods Market via Amazon.com. They have their own brand of wax paper, known as 365 by Whole Foods Market.


Kroger sells wax paper, and their online product information page carries information about the right aisles to check. You will need to choose a location, or allow the website to automatically detect where you are.


Meijer has its own brand of wax paper, and it’s currently selling for $1.59. Like Kroger, they have an online store locator that helps you find Meijer branches carrying the product you’re looking for.

Safeway & Albertsons stores

The same company owns these two and they have their own product line, the Signature SELECT. They also house other brands like Reynolds and Waxtex.

Trader Joe’s 

Trader Joe’s has its own wax paper product, but it’s made out of cotton, beeswax, jojoba oil, and pine resin. You can use the paper to wrap food, and it’s reusable. However, Trader Joe’s doesn’t do deliveries, neither has it partnered with any food delivery app to fulfill customer orders. The only way to shop is to visit the store buildings. Fortunately, Amazon sells Trader Joe's waxed cotton paper and you can order it online.


Wax paper is great for wrapping foods, and preventing stickiness when preparing them. Unfortunately, the paper can’t go into your oven because of its wax nature. If you need a heat resistant alternative, parchment paper, aluminum foil, and plastic wraps are among the best replacements for wax paper