Where to Find Wax Paper in a Grocery Store

It’s a food-safe tissue paper that has been coated with layers of paraffin wax. It comes in a roll for chores like wrapping up cheese to store in a refrigerator.

Aside that, Wax paper can be used for many things, including decorating a cake, storing food, dough rolling, and much more.  Although wax paper is also not heat resistant, it can be affected by a low heat level.

If you are looking for where to find wax paper in a grocery store, this article will answer that question.

Without further ado, Let’s answer the big question.

Which Grocery Store Aisle can you find Wax Paper?

Wax paper can be found in the baking aisle. You can also find them in the section where plastic wraps and foil papers are located. Grocery stores have different ways of arranging their aisles, but these are the most common aisles where you can find wax paper.

Wax papers are not difficult to find, and they are available in different sizes. Most of all, they come rolled. They are available in any grocery store you work into near you. You can also check the grocery stores listed below for wax paper.

Grocery Stores that sell Wax Paper

Here are some top grocery stores that sell garbage bags:


Amazon is the biggest online shopping platform globally, and you will find wax paper in stock. They are available in different forms. You can order wax paper on amazon and have them delivered to your door.


Walmart also has wax paper from different brands in stock on their platform. You can order wax paper from brands like Reynolds Cut-Rite and others. Their delivery is speedy; you even get free delivery on some wax papers at Walmart.


Kroger is a large grocery store, and there should be a Kroger store near your location. They usually stack up the wax paper, and you should quickly pick it up in the Baking aisle. You can decide to pick it up in-store or set delivery to your doorstep.


There are different types of wax paper found on eBay. We have some that come in rolls and others in the form of paper sheets. Depending on your location, you can order any wax paper on eBay, and delivery might take less than a day.


Publix is another large grocery store chain, and they are available in different locations. You can find different types of wax paper in the store. If you are in a Publix Store, you should check the Baking aisle for wax papers.


You can find wax paper inside any Safeway Store in your area. However, wax papers are lined up in the Baking aisle inside any Safeway store.

Your Local Retail Shop that Sells Baking Products

You can work into any store in your area that sells baking products and check for wax paper. They are sold together with baking products because they are used to preserve food items.


What’s the difference between wax paper and parchment paper?

Parchment paper is often confused with wax paper, but they have their use case. Wax paper has a layer of paraffin that makes it moisture resistant, while parchment paper has a silicone coating that makes it heat resistant.

Wax paper is not resistant to heat, which is the main difference between the two. Unfortunately, a lot of people usually mistake parchment paper for wax paper.

What other Substitutes can I use if I don’t find the wax paper?

If you can’t find wax paper in your local grocery store, you should use foil paper or plastic wraps as a substitute. They don’t have the paraffin layer, but they can be used to preserve food in a refrigerator.


Wax paper is handy for preserving food items, but it is not resistant to heat. However, you can use it for many other things in the kitchen, including wrapping sandwiches. Hopefully, this article helps you find paper wax in a grocery store.

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