Where to Find Vermouth in the Grocery Store?

Are you searching the grocery store for vermouth? Here are the aisles and stores to buy it. 

Vermouth is a fortified wine meaning it has some amount of distilled spirit. It is not wrong, therefore, to categorize vermouth as a liquor.

Which grocery store aisle is vermouth in?

You can find vermouth either in the liquor or the wine aisle of any store that carries it. You will likely find it in the specialty and dessert wines section if it is in the wine aisle.

It is worth mentioning that some stores routinely change their layout, read why.

Perhaps you still cannot find it. Consider checking any of the stores listed below;

Grocery Stores that Sell Vermouth


One of the easiest stores to pick vermouth is Amazon. Amazon carries different products, allowing brand and price comparison. 

You will find vermouth products like Martini & Rossi, Cinzano, and Prestige dry vermouth.


Walmart also carries vermouth products like Martini & Rossi and Prestige. You will likely find it in the wines and spirits aisle at Walmart.

Wines and spirits shop

Checking the wine and spirits shop in your neighborhood might just be all you need to find the right vermouth product.

Aside from having a variety of products to choose from, professional advice from the storekeeper might come in handy.

Whole Foods Market

If you are close to any of the Whole Food stores, check their liquor aisle for products like Carpano Antica formula, Dolin, and Noilly Prat.


Target is another grocery store that carries vermouth. If that’s your chosen store, kindly check their wines and liquor aisle for Martini & Rossi, as well as other similar products.


You will get vermouth brands like Gallo, AG Perino, and Martini & Rossi at Safeway. Make your pick as you walk through their wines and spirits aisle.


Kroger holds various vermouth brands, including Gallo, Cinzano, Martini & Rossi, Meier, and Cocchi. Look at the wines and liquor aisle and make a choice.


You can find vermouth brands like Romanetti and Ravini at Aldi stores. Kindly look in the wines and spirits aisle.

Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s carries a handful of vermouth products. You might want to check the store.


Yet another store to get vermouth is Publix. The store carries products like Martini & Rossi as well as Noilly Prat.


What can be used instead of vermouth?

There are many vermouth substitutes. You can choose to use either of the following alternatives:

  • Sake
  • Dry white wine
  • Dry sherry
  • Lillet blanc

In what different ways is vermouth used?

There is barely anything that has a singular application. Vermouth, therefore, is used in different applications.

  • Vermouth is used in cocktail mixes to lower alcohol content
  • Instead of wine, vermouth is used in savory sauces. It gives a unique taste and flavor.
  • You can use the dry or sweet vermouth to poach fruit for dessert.

Do I need to refrigerate vermouth?

Yes. Like wines, you have to put vermouth in the fridge after opening. Well, there may be no need if you can finish it at a go.

What is the difference between dry and sweet vermouth?

The dry vermouth has less sugar (about 4%) but a more herbaceous flavor than the sweet vermouth (about 10% —15% sugar).

It is the dry vermouth that is used in making martinis.

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