Where to find the best facial cleanser near you

Facial cleansers are must-have products for an effective skincare regimen — because sometimes, just washing your face with soap isn’t enough. While soaps and facial washes do a good job in purifying your skin, they can also be harsh. These products strip your skin of natural oils and leave it dry, which can trigger the breakout and irritation you are trying to avoid. 

On the other hand, a facial cleanser removes dead skin cells, oil, dirt, and makeup particles from your pores without stripping your skin of too much moisture. But they are only part of a wider skincare routine. You would still need a moisturizer to keep your skin refreshed and hydrated afterwards. In this article, we’ll show you where to find the best facial cleanser and stores that sell it.

What aisle of the grocery store is facial cleanser in?

The Skincare aisle is where you will find popular facial cleanser brands, such as Cerave and Cetaphil. If you need anything related to beauty and skincare, you will find it in that aisle. Other items like soaps, body washes, bath foams, and sponges are also stocked there. 

Since grocery store layouts change frequently and vary across locations, the skincare aisle may be renamed as “Health and beauty”, “Skincare and Cosmetics”, or “Personal care”. Some stores may have a mini skincare section inside a Health aisle or separate both areas as independent aisles. The products may also be separated by gender, so one section will contain cleansers for men while another carries women facial cleansers.

Before you pick any cleansers from store shelves, ensure to read the ingredients label on the product. You will want to avoid cleansers produced with fragrances, chemicals like salicylic or glycolic acid, and alcohol. Such ingredients can dry out your skin and cause irritation. 

More importantly, you should know the different skin and facial cleanser types before you buy any product. Sometimes, it’s not the product that’s not working for you. You just haven’t studied your skin well enough. Brands like Neutrogena and Cetaphil may be bestsellers, but that doesn’t mean they’re the best facial cleanser for your skin type.

Best facial cleanser selling stores 

The stores listed in this section sell the best facial cleansers on the market. Some of them have online locators to help you find the right aisle in your region as store layouts continuously change. Whole Foods Market and Trader Joe’s are among the few that don’t offer delivery options on their website. Hence, you may need to use a food delivery app to shop conveniently.

Since facial cleansers aren’t consumable products, you can’t use your Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card to buy them. We have a guide that lists what you can or can’t buy with EBT cards. Don’t know what EBT cards are and how they work? Read our explainer article on how to apply for the electronic food stamps online.


Amazon sells varieties of facial cleansers, and you can get cost-saving deals for them. Brands like Clean and Clear have two-pack combos you can use in the morning and night. You can order them online, and Amazon will deliver them to your doorstep. 

Eucerin Hydrating Cleansing Gel, Daily Facial Cleanser Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid, 6.8 Fl Oz
Dermatologist Recommended: For over 100 years, Eucerin has pioneered skincare innovation; today we are trusted as one of the leading and most recommended brands; our products are designed to protect, support, moisturize, and enhance the look of skin.
Clean & Clear 2-Pack Day and Night Face Cleanser Citrus Morning Burst Facial Cleanser with Vitamin C and Cucumber, Relaxing Night Facial Cleanser with Sea Minerals, Oil Free & Hypoallergenic Face Wash
2-pack of oil-free and non-comedogenic Clean & Clear Day & Night Face Wash to gently cleanse without over-drying skin both in the morning and at night.
Youth To The People Kale and Green Tea Facial Cleanser - Gentle Vegan Daily Face Wash - Powerful pH Balanced Makeup Remover + Pore Minimizer for All Skin Types (8oz)
Clean, 100% vegan formula. Proprietary cold-pressed plant extracts harness powerful antioxidants & phytonutrients from pure, effective ingredients. No parabens, phthalates, sulfates, phthalates, dimethicone, or mineral oil. USA made and supplied in recyclable packaging. No animal testing.


Facial cleansers are in the Skin Care aisle at Walmart. The store also has a wide collection of moisturizers, serums, facial masks, and sunscreens. Their website has a store locator feature that helps you find the nearest Walmart store, their operating hours, and the right aisle to check for the cleansers.

Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market is the best store to buy organic and natural products from. They have their own brand, which is the 365 by Whole Foods Market gentle skin cleanser. You will find it alongside other brands in the Beauty and Health department. You can’t order them online because the store doesn’t offer delivery options. You will need to use a delivery service. Fortunately, Amazon owns Whole Foods Market and you can order 365 by Whole Foods Market products from Amazon.com.

Safeway & Albertsons 

The same company owns both stores, and they mostly keep facial cleansers in the Skincare and Cosmetics aisle. You can use their online store locator to find a branch near you and the right aisle to check. The stores also offer delivery options.


Kroger sells widely recognised brands, including Cetaphil and Cerave. If you need budget friendly options, the store also sells St. Ives and Noxzema, which cost around six dollars less than the popular brands. Use their online store locator to find the right facial cleanser aisle in Kroger stores near you.

Trader Joe’s 

Trader Joe’s has its own brand, which is the All-in-One facial cleanser. The store doesn’t offer delivery options on its website, neither has it partnered with any delivery service to fulfill customer orders. The only way to shop at Trader Joe’s is to visit any brick-and-mortar store near you.


Facial cleansers are in the Health and Beauty Care & Over The Counter (HBCOTC) aisle of most Meijer stores. They also offer delivery and curbside pickup options.

Need the perfect moisturizer to match your facial cleanser? Try these hydrating products.

belif The True Cream Aqua Bomb | Rich yet Weightless Face Moisturizer for Combination to Oily Skin | Antioxidants, Lady Mantle & Oat Husk | Daily Hydrating Facial Cream Minimizes Pores
  • What it is: A lightweight gel-cream that provides a burst of hydration for a healthy glow and acts as a cooling and refreshing "drink of water" for dull, dry skin.
  • Skincare Concerns: Dryness, Dullness, and Uneven Texture
  • This cult-favorite gel-cream is designed to ‘burst’ when applied, releasing explosive hydration. The lightweight, hydrating formula absorbs quickly so combination and oily skin types can hydrate for smoother-looking skin without greasiness.
  • Highlighted Ingredients: - Lady's Mantle (Alchemilla Vulgaris): Known for its skin-nurturing properties. - Ceramide 3: Helps skin retain water. - Glycerin: Helps maintain skin's moisture levels.
  • Ingredient Callouts: This product comes in recyclable packaging.
Farmacy Honey Halo Ceramide Face Moisturizer Cream - Hydrating Facial Lotion for Dry Skin (1.7 Ounce)
Hydrates and Soothes: The face moisturizer for women and men is made with antioxidant-rich, ultra-hydrating buckwheat honey that renews the skin’s appearance for a dewy, healthy-looking glow.
Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Coconut Water Face Moisturizer, 1.7 Ounce Jar
Palmer's Skin Care: Our Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Olive Oil, and Vitamin E product lines include creams, balms, lotions, oils and soaps for hand and body, face, lip, sun care, hair care and pregnancy and stretch mark care.


Choosing the right facial cleanser for your skin type can significantly improve your appearance. If all you can find are chemical-infused products around you, then you may want to consider using natural facial cleanser alternatives that already exist in your kitchen — and it’s not as gross as it may sound. With a handful of oat grains, clay, or a glass of milk, you can cleanse your face thoroughly without breaking the bank.