Where to Find Tahini in the Grocery Store

Not sure where you can find tahini in the grocery store? Below we discuss the aisles and sections you should check. 

Tahini is a Middle Eastern condiment. It’s a thick paste of ground sesame see used as a dip or flavoring agent for dressings. It’s rich in protein, calcium, and oil constituents that make up much of the paste. 

 Where to Find Tahini in Grocery Store Aisle 

Without wasting much of your time, the first spot you should check is the condiment aisle. It’s usually stored in a transparent jar near the gourmet olives. 

The ethnic food department and salad dressings aisle is another area to check. Tahini should not be far from the sections mentioned. 

They are stored in Jars or plastic containers. Depending on the store, some stock tahini in a different aisle or shelve altogether.

For example, raw tahini is put inside a refrigerator. There’s no one fit size all situation to find tahini as stores have different setups. 

If you are finding it hard to find tahini, simply ask an employee and they would glad to direct you to the right section. 

Grocery Stores that Sell Tahini

Not all stores stock tahini, here are a few stores that sell it. 

Amazon – It’s the biggest online store and you can easily find a variety of brands to choose from. Some bestselling products are the Roland and Lebanon valley. I find Amazon convenient to use cause the order gets delivered to my doorstep.

Walmart – Walmart is another merchant with many tahini brands like the Once again organic tahini and Jovya sesame tahini.

Safeway- Safeway sells popular brands like the Krinos tahini and other brands as well. 

Kroger – Kroger has its brand – the simple truth organic tahini. There are other brands there to pick from, too. 

Publix – Yes, Publix has many tahini brands like the krinos, Woodstock and Jovya. 

Local Health Food Store – This is one of the first places you should check for tahini. Check the refrigerator and condiment aisle. 

Ethnic Markets – You are almost certain you will find tahini any ethnic market around. 

Whole Foods – the 365 everyday value’s tahini is one among the many tahini products you will find in the condiment section. 

Trader Joe’s – Trader Joe’s has its tahini brand – (Trader Joe’s organic tahini). This hasn’t stopped them from offering other brand products as well. 


Now that you know where to find Tahini in a grocery store what’s next? Learn some great homemade tahini recipes. 

When you visit a store the first stop should in the condiment aisle. Followed by the ethnic food department and refrigerator. 

A thing you should put in mind is that the location might be different in another store. If it’s becoming a chore, don’t forget to ask a worker where to find it. 

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