Where to Find Sun Dried Tomatoes in the Grocery Store

Nobody likes watching fresh food go bad before their eyes. If you’re a constant victim of this, you should consider preserving food by drying.

But before that, you can purchase pre-dried food items from a grocery store. They’re basically your regular tomatoes, but with a plot twist. The bulk of the squeezing and drying out part has already been done for you. 

All that’s left is prepare your sauce with it, or whatever it is you’d like to whip up. Sun dried tomatoes are very convenient for cooking because they last way longer than fresh tomatoes.

Also, you still get almost the same amount of nutritional value from them as you would get from a fresh tomato. And if you’d like to know where you can grab yourself premium sun dried tomatoes, keep on reading to find out. 

Where are sun dried tomatoes in the grocery store?

There are 4 possible places you can find sun dried tomatoes in a grocery store:

  • Produce section
  • Canned vegetable aisle
  • Dried fruits and nuts section
  • The Bulk area

The first place to scour is the produce section because it’s where most stores stash their fruits and products. Usually, you’ll find sun dried tomatoes spread out beside the fresh ones.


If you don’t see them there, you’ll want to visit the canned vegetables aisle where sun dried tomatoes are sealed into jars or cans and lined up on shelves. Your third stop is the dried fruits and nuts section.

Since the tomatoes fit both the “dried” and “fruit” descriptions, then that’s one place you could bump into them. Finally, there’s the bulk area.

Most stores have them and it’s where they keep produce in large quantities. There, you can buy sun dried tomatoes per pound or weight instead of units, and they’re usually cheaper.

The bottom line is that one of these four stops are sure to have sun dried tomatoes waiting for you.

Where you can buy sun dried tomatoes

We’ve carefully handpicked some prominent stores where you can find sun dried tomatoes in:


Amazon has a wide range of sun dried tomato brands like Bella Sun Luci, which you can buy in pound and use for salad toppings or in your sandwiches. If you prefer, you can always buy other products like Trader Joe’s California sun dried tomatoes as a set of four.

35 oz Bella Sun Luci Sun Dried Tomatoes Julienne Cut in Olive Oil
  • Lycopene Rich
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan
  • California Grown Tomatoes
  • Kosher Certified
Trader Joe's California Sun Dried Tomatoes - Set of 4
  • Julienne Cut
  • Net. wt. 3 oz per bag
  • Great tasting


Walmart houses some of the best canned sun dried tomatoes such as this Organic sun dried tomatoes and the Mezzetta Sun Ripened Dried tomatoes. You can order them online, or alternatively, walk into any Walmart outlet and pick them up from the canned vegetable aisle or the dried fruit aisle.


At Target, you can find sun dried tomatoes in the canned vegetables aisle or choose to order online.

Whole foods

Whole Foods keep their sun dried tomatoes in the canned foods aisle, which you can easily locate on arrival at the store.


Like Whole Foods, Safeway also stores its sun dried tomatoes at the canned foods or vegetables aisle. Another place you can find them is the produce section of the store.


If you check in any walk-in Publix store, you’ll see that they have sun dried tomatoes in their canned vegetables aisle, as well as their produce section.


Wegmans has its own brand; the Italian Classics marinated Sun dried tomatoes. They also provide other brands of sun dried tomatoes like Roland Quinoa and DeLallo tomatoes.


At Kroger, you can find sun dried tomatoes in the produce section, the dried fruits and nuts sections, or the canned vegetables aisle. But if you have a particular brand you’re looking for, you can check their online store.

Bonus: How to use sun dried tomatoes in your everyday recipes

Sun dried tomatoes are quite versatile. You can blend them in dips or fillings, or use them in crepes and pancakes. Depending on the nature of the sun dried tomatoes, your preparation procedures might differ.

If you purchase sun dried tomatoes without oil from a grocery store, you might need to soak them in water to revive their moisture and then incorporate them in your dish. But if you purchase sun dried tomatoes with oil, then you can skip that process.

Sun dried tomatoes soaked in oil inside a glass jar

Sun dried tomatoes with oil can last up to 2 years in a sealed can, which dwindles down to 6 months when you open it. On the other hand, sun dried tomatoes without oil last for about a year. So you have a lot of time to perfect your recipes.

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