Where to Find Sumac in the Grocery Store

Are you struggling to find Sumac in the grocery store? 

We will show you the exact aisles to check. We have also listed the stores where you can buy it.

As you may already know, Sumac is a vibrant red spice sold either ground or as dried berry.

Fun Fact; It is most popular in the Middle East. Its culinary application is wide. For example, it can serve as a meat rub or a perfect seasoning for homemade hummus. Sumac also serves as a flavoring for vegetable dishes.

Back to our topic; 

Which Grocery Store Aisle is Sumac in?

The grocery store aisle you will find Sumac is the spice aisle. It is usually packaged in jars in ground form. You can also find them as berries. Pay attention to the shelves that carry other spices like rosemary, curry, and thyme.

Another spot to check for Sumac is the international aisle. Locate the Middle Eastern food section, and you’ll probably get it there.

And if you are having a hard time finding it, you might consider checking any of these stores listed below.

List of Stores that Sell Sumac


As one of the largest online retail stores, Amazon is one of the best places to buy Sumac. Leveraging on the number of brands and vendors, you can search for the best price and products, following reviews from previous users.

Here, you can get sumac products like Spicy World, Eat Well and Single Origin cured Sumac.


Here’s yet another store we recommend you check for Sumac. Walmart, like Amazon, has lots of sumac brands for you to choose from. Also, check their spice aisle for ones like Sadaf and Spicy World.


Kroger carries organic food items, including Sumac. If you’re near any of their stores, kindly look at their spice and condiment section. You will likely see brands like Aiva and Lebanon Valley.

Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods store is another spot to find Sumac. They keep Spicely and Indian Tree brands in their spice aisle. Look also in the bulk section for this item.


Do you love to shop at Safeway or close to any supermarkets? Then, you could get Morton & Bassett, Spicely, or Ziyad sumac products in their spice aisle.


Look for Ziyad and Morton & Bassett in Albertsons stores, if any is nearby. They sit close to curry and horseradish in the spice aisle.


Check any Publix store for Sumac. They also carry za’atar, which is a blend of Sumac and other spices.


If you shop at Aldi, you might want to see what they have in their spice aisle. You will probably find some sumac brands there.

The Middle East/Asian Markets

Sumac is a popular Middle Eastern spice. You’re sure to find it there. If there’s a nearby one, why not go check.

Local spice shops

Here is another spot you shouldn’t overlook. Local spice shops usually carry Sumac in bulk (in berries) and jars (ground).


What does sumac taste like?

Sumac has a sharp pungent taste with a fresh lemon flavor.

What are sumac spice substitutes?

Owing to its tart taste, Sumac can be substituted with za’atar, lemon juice, lemon pepper seasoning, lemon zest, or vinegar. With these, you can achieve a similar taste.

What do you use sumac spice for?

There are lots you can do with Sumac. You can virtually use it anywhere that you would use lemon or lime.

  • Add it to salad dressing or to the salad itself
  • Add some of it to fried fish and chips
  • Use it as a condiment in a veggie burger.

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