Where to find Rooibos Tea in a Grocery Store

Over the years, the rate of tea consumption among Americans has increased, thanks to the emergence of Starbucks. With the addition of Rooibos tea to the collection, the numbers are sure to spike up.

Rooibos, pronounced Roy-boss, is a red herbal tea. It is also an alternative to green or black tea. Some people drink it plain, while others mix it with coffee drinks like latte. In addition, some health benefits come with drinking Rooibos tea

Rooibos tea is delicious and packs a natural flavor. That is why it is a popular treat among experienced and beginners in the tea world. If you’d like a taste of it,  we’ll show you where to find Rooibos tea in the grocery store.Person pouring creamer into tea in a glass cup

Which grocery store aisle is Rooibos tea located in?

Rooibos tea is located in the Coffee or Tea aisle. That aisle is dominated by different coffee brands. You can also check the Breakfast aisle. However, some stores combine both aisles. 

Recap – Aisles to check for Rooibos tea:

  • Coffee / Tea Aisle 
  • Breakfast Aisle 

Grocery stores that sell Rooibos tea

These are some of the top stores that sell Rooibos tea in the USA:


If you don’t wish to visit any grocery store, you can easily buy your Tea online. Amazon is the world’s largest online store, and you can find different types of Rooibos tea there. Moreover, you don’t have to wait at the checkout. All you need is to buy online and get it delivered to your doorstep.

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Walmart is always a reasonable distance away from any location. They have different varieties of rooibos tea in-store. The combination of brands available includes Yogi, Twining, and Numi.


Kroger is another massive grocery store chain in the United States, and it is available in many regions. They also have various brands of rooibos tea instore that include Celebration Herbals, Numi, Twinings. 

Numi is one of the best brands of Rooibos tea available in Kroger. The Rooibos tea is found at the coffee section in any Kroger store.


If you walk into a Starbucks tea store, you are chances that you can get rooibos tea. However, getting rooibos tea in Starbucks is region-dependent. 

Starbuck is a popular tea boutique that is available all over the world. You can’t buy rooibos tea in a Starbucks store and take it home, but you can enjoy a cup while you are there.


Meijer is one of the biggest supermarkets in the US, and it has varieties of Tea, and the Rooibos is one of them. As a matter of fact, Meijer has its branded herbal Tea. 


Albertsons is among the major players, and they have different varieties of rooibos tea brands like the Tiesta, The Republic of Tea, Steep Organic Herbal Tea, and the Choice Te Tea. 

Whole Foods Market

Whole foods Market is known to have purely organic and fresh produce. They have the Good Earth, Sweet & spicy, celestial seasonings, and Numi organic rooibos tea. You can also buy it online or in walk-in stores at the nearest whole foods market. 


Hopefully, this guide will help you know exactly where you can find Rooibos tea and aisle in a grocery store. 

Rooibos tea is tasty and enjoyed by many people who love drinking tea. It has a pleasing flavor and some variations like the Vanilla variant which combines the rich and warm dark sugar aroma of vanilla. The grocery stores listed above can also be perfect spots where you can pick up your tea.

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