Where to Find Rice Wine in the Grocery Store

Wondering which aisle to find rice wine in the grocery store?

You’re just on the right page. We’ll walk you through the aisles and shelves to check in this simple guide.

Before we tell you where to find it, here’s a fun fact you didn’t know; 

Rice Wine is an alcoholic beverage obtained from the fermentation of rice starch. It is produced mainly in South America and East Asia.

Today, it has found its way to American and European cultures. Most people use it as a food condiment, but some enjoy it as a beverage.

Which Grocery Store Aisle is Rice Wine found?

The type of rice wine and where to find them vary across different States. But the first spot you check for rice wine in the grocery store is the vinegar aisle.

Head over to the oil and vinegar aisle. Can’t still find it?

Now, check the international aisle of the store.

Perhaps you want the rice wine you’ll sip with gentleness alone or with friends, then head to the wine section, and you’re sure to find what you seek.

Still can’t find them? You’ll likely get them in any of these stores listed below.

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Grocery Stores that sell Rice Wine


Amazon carries the Shaoxing, Sake, and Mirin types of rice wine. You also can compare different prices to get the best price. In addition, Amazon allows for online delivery, and you can order items from the comfort of your home. 


Like Amazon, Walmart is yet another store to get rice wine conveniently. You can get brands like Ka Me and Roland, including other mirin and Shaoxingoptions.

Whole Foods Market

If you are interested in pure organic and natural foods, Whole Foods is a perfect choice. They’ve both mirin and Shaoxing cooking rice wines in their vinegar aisle.


At any Kroger supermarket, you’ll get rice cooking vinegar at either the condiment or Asian aisle. Also, check the vinegar aisle for brands like Eden, Kikkoman, and Ka Me.


Safeway is another store that carries rice wine that you might want to check. They have products like Ka Me, Sun Luck, Kikkoman, and Gekkeikan rice wines in their vinegar aisle.


Check the international, condiment, and wine aisles at Publix supermarkets. You’ll find products like Ka Me, Nakano, and Sun Luck. They also have other brands of cooking wine.

Wine Store

Even if you can’t find rice wine anywhere in your nearest grocery store, you’ll probably find it in the liquor shop. However, it is unlikely you find it at a bar.

Asian Markets

An almost sure spot to buy rice wine is the Asian market. The product brand are mostly native.


What can you cook with rice wine?

Rice wine is introduced in certain dishes to improve flavor.

  • Add a splash of mirin or sake to your vegan risotto recipe.
  • Improve the flavor of stir-fries with Shaoxing rice wine.
  • Elevate and give your sauteed kale, spinach, and mustard greens that unique restaurant quality.

Can you drink rice wine?

Yes, you can drink Shaoxing rice wine, although its original intention is for cooking. Nevertheless, just a little is recommended if you must.

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