Where to Find Rhubarb in the Grocery Store

Rhubarb is a thick, reddish, and green leaf stalk that is edible. So you can cook and eat it at home. People often add Rhubarb as an ingredient in making pies. You can also use it in making apple crumbles, jams, and sauces.

If you’re wondering where to find Rhubarb in grocery store, this guide is for you. Rhubarb thrives in cold regions or during the winter. This means you’d hardly find fresh ones in the summer. However, you can find canned Rhubarb in most grocery stores.

Which grocery store aisle is Rhubarb in?

If you are in a grocery store that stocks Rhubarb, you will find it in the Produce Aisle. Pay attention to the Fruit and Veggies or Specialty Produce area. These grocery store sections are where to find organic food items like broccolitomatoes, and pineapples.

Vegetables arranged in the Produce aisle of the grocery store

Most times, you don’t get Rhubarb fresh and leafy as it also comes in cans. So you can find canned Rhubarb in the Canned goods aisle. You might also want to check the Frozen fruit aisle for frozen Rhubarb.

Grocery stores that sell Rhubarb

Here are some top grocery stores that sell Rhubarb;


One thing we love about Amazon is their speedy online delivery, even for grocery items. For example, you can get canned Rhubarb brands like Oregon and Princes on Amazon. There are also Rhubarb jams and products if you care for them.

Oregon Fruit Rhubarb in Strawberry Sauce, 15 oz (Pack of 4)
  • Thick cut rhubarb sweetened with a smooth strawberry sauce
  • Non GMO Project Verified, Non-BPA intent lining in can; Kosher
  • No high fructose corn syrup, All Natural
  • Ready to use in Pies, Tarts and Crisps
  • Made in Oregon


When it’s the season, you can buy fresh Rhubarb at Walmart. However, in the summer, you might only be opportune to find canned options like Princes.

Farmer’s Market

If you care about fresh Rhubarb, why not check the farmers market close to you? Aside from the veggie, you will also find its personal canned Rhubarb.

Whole Foods Market

When it’s summer and spring months, check the produce aisle at Whole Foods for canned Rhubarb.

Trader Joe’s

You’re likely to see only frozen Rhubarb at any Trader Joe’s supermarket. Fresh ones? A probability.


You can buy fresh and frozen Rhubarb at Publix or online. But, if you are at the walk-in store, check the Fruit and Veggie aisle.


You will find frozen or fresh Rhubarb at the Veggie aisle at Safeway stores.

Your local food store

You can walk into your nearest local food store and check for this item. If you don’t get the fresh ones, you will most likely find the canned option.


Kroger has sliced rhubarb brands like Dole and Remlinger Farms. You might find the fresh leafy ones in its seasons; it’s a hit or miss.


Remember that Rhubarb grows in the winter, and while you can still get it in the summer, you don’t want to take chances. A wise step is to can some of those fresh Rhubarb in the winter, and if stored properly, you can enjoy it any time of the year.

Hopefully, this article has cleared your question on where to find Rhubarb in Grocery Store. Check out our article recommendations below for more content on grocery store aisles.


Why is strawberry usually paired with Rhubarb?

Rhubarb is too sour on its own. So, it is paired with strawberry to damp tart taste a bit and give it some sweetness. Think of the combination as a balance of flavor.

What creative ways can you use Rhubarb?

Aside from enjoying it as a dessert when you combine it with strawberry, you can roast it, adding some sugar or sweetener, after which you add it to your salad.

You could also make a jam of it which you will enjoy with toast, oatmeal, and any other suitable option.

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