Where to Find Pine Nuts in the Grocery Store?

Every grocery store has its unique arrangement. It can be complicated at times, especially when it is not your regular store or you don’t know the category of the item you need.

Pine nuts, however, are a little versatile.

So you cannot particularly find it only in one aisle. It is a pity if you have wandered different aisles in search of it. We’ll show you in this post, the different aisles you should check.

In case you need exact examples, we have also listed the stores where you can buy them.

Which Aisle is Pine Nuts found in the Grocery Store?

The first aisle to check for pine nuts is the baking aisle. Most grocery stores normally place them with other baking nuts like walnut, almond, hazelnuts, and macadamia nuts.

The snacks aisle is another section you would want to check for them. They sometimes sit among the dry fruits and close to the trail mixes.

Sometimes, some stores keep pine nuts in the produce aisle. You wouldn’t want to miss looking at that section too. It is either on display or in the bulk bin of the store.

Lastly, the other section of the grocery to find pine nuts is among the spices.

Grocery Stores that Sell Pine Nuts


Should you want to buy pine nuts from the comfort of your home, Amazon might be an option you want to consider. There are vendors you sell in bulk, in case that is what you want. Of course, you can still find packaged brands like Nut Cravings and Trader Joe’s.

Whole Foods Market

While at Whole Foods, you can get pine nuts in bulk. There are still smaller packaged brands like Aurora Natural and 365 Whole Food.


In case you would love to shop at Walmart, check the nuts trail mixes aisle for products like Great Value, Food to Live, and Now’s organic pine nuts. Before you head out, you might want to use their online store locator to find the nearest store and the availability of the product in your chosen store.


Kroger keeps pine nuts in the baking and cooking aisle. Keep an eye for brands like Kroger branded pine nuts and Just Nuts.


Safeway is another store that sells pine nuts. If that’s where you shop, check any of the aisles described above for the item. Some brands they sell are Open Nature and Diamond of California.


Close to any Publix supermarket? Walk to their baking and nuts aisle. They carry brands like Badia, Alessi, and Diamond of California.


If you stop at an Albertsons supermarket, you can pick branded pine nuts like Open Nature, It’s Delish and Alessi. Check the baking aisle for these products.


Aldi usually carries pine nuts in the nuts and seed section. They also offer a handful of brands like Oh So Natural and Foodie Market.

Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s supermarkets sell the Trader Joe’s Raw Pignolias pine nuts. Check their baking, nuts, and trail mixes aisles.

Local food store

Walk into your local food store for pine nuts, especially if you want to get them in bulk.

Ethnic markets

Latin, Mediterranean, and middle eastern markets tend to carry pine nuts. You could check if there are any close to you.


What are the substitutes for pine nuts?

Some perfect pine nut alternatives are walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, sunflower seeds, and macadamia nuts.

What are pine nuts used for?

  • Pine nuts are popularly used in making pesto. They create the structure on which other ingredients form.
  • They also serve as a salad topper, creating a creamy yet crunchy feeling
  • Pine nuts are used in baking desserts like shortbread and cookies.
  • Create a twist of taste by blending some pine nuts into a homemade hummus

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