Where to find Pickling Cucumber in the grocery store 

Pickling cucumbers are shorter, fatter, and have more bumps than the long and thin cucumbers you’re used to. Those types are called slicing cucumbers. Pickling cucumbers got their name because of their small nature and texture, which makes them perfect for fitting into jars and soaking up brine faster.

Meanwhile, slicing cucumbers have thicker skin that makes the pickling process slower. If you’re looking for where to find pickling cucumber, we’ll show you the best stores and aisles to check in this post.

What is pickling?

Pickling is a food preservation method that involves soaking and fermenting certain food items inside brine, vinegar, or any acidic solutions. The procedure gives them a longer shelf life, and retains healthy bacteria for improving digestion, boosting the immune system, and aiding weight loss.

Pickled cucumbers taste sour and crunchy when fermented because of the mixture of salt and acids used to soak them. However, the tastes may vary as there are different ways to pickle cucumbers.

Some people prepare pickles with loads of sugar to make them sweet, or with garlic and other spices for a rich umami taste. Additionally, you can use pickling cucumbers in sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, salads, soups, and a host of other meals. 

Where to find pickling cucumber: Aisles & sections

Pickling cucumber is mostly found in the Produce aisle. That’s the aisle where all sorts of raw and organic food items are. For example, broccoli, peppers, and a variety of fruits and vegetables. You can check there for the raw cucumbers if you’d like to pickle them yourself at home.

Since grocery store layouts change frequently and vary across locations, you may find a Refrigerator section inside the Produce aisle or both areas may exist separately. The cucumbers may be in cans or transparent jars, depending on the brand. 

The condiments aisle is another place you’ll want to check for pickling cucumbers. That’s where grocery stores keep food additives and flavor boosters like mustard, barbecue sauce, and mayonnaise. 

Best stores to buy pickled cucumber from


Amazon mostly sells pickled cucumbers, not the fresh pickling ones. However, you can buy pickling cucumber seeds and grow them at home. Some brands of pickled cucumbers come in packs of six or less if you frequently eat pickles. Use these combos to save yourself the cost of reordering when you run out of pickles.

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Walmart sells pickling cucumbers in transparent plastic bags. They also have pickled cucumbers in cans. Additionally, if you need tools for pickling cucumbers yourself at home, Walmart’s got them. The store has an online locator that helps you find a Walmart branch near you and the right aisle for any product you want to buy.


Like Walmart, Kroger has an online store locator that helps you find products easily. You will also discover if they’re eligible for curbside pickup, home delivery, shipping, or out or stock.


Fresh pickling cucumbers are in the Produce aisle of most Meijer stores. The store also sells pickled vegetables like beets and onions. 

Safeway & Albertsons 

The same company owns both stores, and you can buy pickling cucumbers from them. Check the Produce aisle for the fresh ones, or the Condiments aisle for the pickled versions. Alternatively, you can just order them online.


You will find pickling cucumbers in the aisle with fresh fruits and vegetables. The website offers a store locator and product recommendations to improve your shopping experience.


You will find pickling cucumbers in the Produce aisle of any Target store near you. You may find them in transparent plastic bags.


Pickling cucumbers can be hard to find in the grocery store. Slicing cucumbers are more common, and you can use them as a substitute for pickling cucumbers. But if you can’t find fresh or salt-brined cucumber pickles at all, then pickled olives, rice, and radishes will do just fine.