Where to find Lemongrass plants in the grocery store

Lemongrass is a popular plant found in tropical regions. The stalk of the plant smells much like lemon, hence the origin of its name. Lemongrass is used as flavoring for food, fragrance for bathing soaps and deodorants, as well as medicine for treating digestive tract spasms, high blood pressure, and stomach aches, among other conditions.

If you want to know where to buy fresh lemongrass plants, you’ll find the best stores to check and the correct aisles in this article. 

What aisle is lemongrass in grocery stores?

You can find Lemongrass plants in the Produce aisle of most grocery stores. The Produce aisle is where raw fruits, vegetables, and other foods items are. For example, broccoli, peppers, tomatoes, and more. The grass should be in transparent plastic packets or tied in a bunch without packaging.

Bunches of lemongrass in the Fresh produce section of a grocery store

Some grocery stores may have pureed lemongrass, which you can use as a substitute if they’ve run out of lemongrass plants. Pureed lemongrass is simply lemongrass that’s been crushed or grounded to form a paste. You can find this version of lemongrass in the Refrigerator section of the Produce aisle. They usually come in squeezable tubes.

Since grocery stores change their layouts frequently, you may find that the Refrigerator section exists as a separate aisle. If you don’t find pureed or fresh lemongrass, then check the Spice aisle for dried lemongrass. Most stores package them in small bottles near ground ginger, turmeric, and other spices. 

The best stores to buy lemongrass from


Amazon sells lemongrass from TastePadThai. Six stalks make up a bundle, and you can replant them to sprout more. If you need dried or pureed lemongrass, the store has different brands available. You can order them from the comfort of your home, and Amazon will deliver to your doorstep. 

Brewer's Best Lemon Grass 2.5 oz
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Fresh lemongrass plants are in the Produce aisle. The store also sells dried and pureed lemongrass from Food To Live, and other brands. You can use the online store locator to find the right aisle in a Walmart store near you.

Whole Foods Market

Fresh lemongrass is in the Produce section. Whole Foods Market doesn’t do deliveries, but since Amazon owns the store, you can order from there via Amazon.com. 

Safeway & Albertsons

The same company owns both stores. They sell fresh lemongrass, pastes, sauces, green tea, and a variety of other lemongrass-infused products. They are available for curbside pickup and delivery via the store’s website.


Kroger sells a variety of herbs from the Simple Truth brand, including lemongrass. They keep the plants inside small transparent packets in the Organic Produce aisle. 


You will find lemongrass in the Produce aisle at any Kroger store near you. The pastes are also stocked there.


Wegmans stocks fresh lemongrass in the Produce aisle. They also sell the paste, and many other vegetables like basil, cilantro, and green onions.


Finding fresh lemongrass can be hard, sometimes. If that’s the case, then lemongrass paste is among the best substitutes to use in your soups, stews, and sauces. Grocery stores usually have them in stock, but you can make lemongrass paste at home if you don’t trust the ingredients. Alternatively, use dried lemongrass or lemon balm. It’s important to note that lemon balm has a stronger minty undertone. You may want to be careful of how much you use when cooking.