Where to find Kimchi in grocery stores

Kimchi is salted and fermented vegetables made with cabbage, raddish, cucumber, and spinach, among others. Spices like chili powder, spring onions, garlic, and ginger are also used to make Kimchi. The taste is a blend of spicy, sour, and umami. Kimchi originates from Korea and has up to 13 types. But the most common one, which everyone associates with the name “Kimchi”, is Baechu. 

You can eat Kimchi as a standalone meal, use it as salad dressing, or to flavor noodles and most stir fry meals. Most grocery stores and supermarkets sell the Korean meal, and we will show you where to find kimchi inside the best ones.

What aisle is Kimchi in at the grocery store?

You can find Kimchi in the Refrigerator section of most grocery stores. They keep it in refrigerators to prevent spoilage since Kimchi is unpasteurised and fermented. Unpasteurised foods are in their raw forms and have not yet been exposed to high temperatures like pasteurized foods. High temperatures kill harmful microbes that can give you infections from eating raw and fermented foods. 

Since store layouts change frequently, you may find the Refrigerator section near the Fresh produce section. That’s where all the raw foodstuffs like tomatoes, broccoli, and onions are. As aforementioned, Kimchi has many types and some of them are mixed with seafood. If you’re vegetarian, then you should check the Health food section where you can find vegan Kimchi. 

Another promising spot is the international or Ethnic foods aisle. That’s where grocery stores keep food items from foreign countries. If you have no luck with any of these aisles, then ask any store employee for guidance.

Stores you can buy Kimchi from

The following grocery stores sell Kimchi, but aisles and sections vary across all of them. Some of them have online locators that help you find the right aisle for the store in your region. Stores like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods Market don’t offer delivery options on their website. You may need to use a food delivery app.


Amazon offers varieties of Kimchi brands at affordable prices. You can order them from the comfort of your home, and the online store will deliver to your doorstep. Amazon also sells kits for fermenting Kimchi yourself at home.

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Asian stores

The second best place to find Kimchi is in Asian-themed stores. Since Kimchi is a Korean dish, you’ll find it there along with other Korean meals like rice cake (Tteokbokki) and chili paste (Gochujang). You can use our list of the top 10 Asian grocery stores to shop at to find a store near you.

Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market is popular for having the best natural food collection. Since Amazon now owns the grocery store, you can order Kimchi from Whole Foods via Amazon.com. 


Walmart has many selections of Kimchi on their website. You can also use the online store locator, which allows you to find a Walmart store near you and the right aisles. Walmart sells the Wildbrine Spicy Korean Kimchi in packs of six, among other great quality brands.

Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s own brand of Kimchi is popular, and has received many positive reviews. It’s the best option for vegetarians as it has no traces of meat or fish. The ingredients used to prepare the Kimchi include Napa cabbage, radish, onion, red pepper powder, salt, garlic, vinegar, and lactic acid. Trader Joe’s does not do deliveries, neither has it partnered with any grocery delivery service. The only way to shop from the store is to do it in-store. 


Kroger keeps Kimchi in the Packaged Meat section, and it’s also SNAP EBT eligible. They have the Simple Truth, King’s, and Eden brands, among others.

Safeway & Albertsons stores

 The same company owns Safeway and Albertsons, and you can find Kimchi in the Fresh produce sections of most stores. You can use any of the stores’ websites to get the product information of different brands. Their Seoul Kimchi carries shrimp and fish, and may not be the best option for vegans.


Kimchi is a flavorful dish, but certain brands have an intense mix of sour and salty tastes that some people dislike. Also, since it’s not a native American dish, not many stores will have it in large quantities. If for any reason you’re looking for an alternative, miso paste, Sauerkraut, and pickled radishes are among the best substitutes for Kimchi — better still, you can learn to make your own Kimchi.