Where to find Jackfruit in grocery store

Jackfruit is mostly cultivated in tropical regions, and has Asian origins. The fruit is green when it is unripe, and then transforms to a yellow-brown color when it’s mature. It also has a round-ish shape, and can weigh up to 55 pounds. Like most fruits, you can eat jackfruit raw or blend it into smoothies, yogurt, or ice cream.

Jackfruit also has a meaty flavor, which is good for soups or curries. Vegans can use it as a substitute for meat. You can even roast or boil jackfruit seeds and substitute them for macadamia or brazil nuts. If you’re looking for where to find jackfruit in grocery store, we’ll show you which aisles to check and the best stores to buy it from.

Where is jackfruit in supermarkets or grocery stores?

Jackfruit is in the Produce aisle along with other fresh fruits and vegetables. The fruit looks like an overgrown mango with spiky skin. If it’s ripe, it will have a green color. If unripe, the fruit has a yellow-brown color. Grocery stores or supermarkets usually have signs or labels on their products to help you locate them easily. 

Stores also sell jackfruit in cans, which you will find in the Canned goods aisle. The fruit is chopped and soaked in water or syrups to preserve it longer, keep it moist, and enhance the taste. 

As Jackfruit originates from Asia, you can also check the International aisle. That’s where grocery stores keep foods from countries all over the world. Walmart segregated this aisle into different sections and there are signs to tell you what each one carries. For example, “Asian”, “Mexican”, and “African”.

You may also find the fruit in the Refrigerator or Frozen foods section of the Produce aisle. Stores keep vegetables and fruits there so they don’t spoil faster. Since grocery stores change their layouts frequently, you may find that the Produce and Refrigerator sections exist separately. 

If the grocery store you shop at has a Health Foods aisle, you can get dried jackfruits that come packets from there. This aisle may be renamed as the “Natural and Organic” aisle or other variations.

Stores you can buy fresh jackfruit from

The stores listed below sell fresh jackfruits. Some of them have online locators to help you find the right aisle in your region as store layouts continuously change. Whole Foods Market and Trader Joe’s are among the few that don’t offer delivery options on their website. Hence, you may need to use a food delivery app to shop conveniently.

Since jackfruit is a fruit, it qualifies as a consumable product. Thus, it’s eligible for Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card purchase. We have a guide that lists what you can or can’t buy with EBT cards. Don’t know what EBT cards are and how they work? Read our explainer article on how to apply for the electronic food stamps online.


Currently, Amazon sells 18 and seven pound jackfruits. You can order them online, and the store delivers them to your doorstep. If there’s an Amazon Fresh store near you, you can also walk in to get the jackfruits yourself. 

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Walmart sells fresh whole jackfruits and the canned version. You can also get dried jackfruits in packets. Use the store locator feature on their website to find the right aisle and a Walmart store near you.

Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market is the best store to buy organic and natural foodstuff from. Canned jackfruits are in the Canned goods aisle. Whole jackfruits are in their fresh fruit or Produce aisle. They keep the packet jackfruits in the Refrigerators. Delivery options are not available on Whole Foods’ website, and you may need to use a delivery service. Fortunately, Amazon owns the store and you can order their products from Amazon.com if it’s in stock.


Kroger has a Natural and Organic foods aisle you can get packet jackfruits from. You can also get them from the Frozen foods section. They keep whole jackfruits in the Fresh fruits and Vegetables aisle. 

Trader Joe’s 

Trader Joe’s has its own brand of canned jackfruits. Unlike other brands, this one is soaked in brine and has a salty taste. We advise you not to eat too much of it right from the can. Instead, you can serve the jackfruits with BBQ meals or use it as a meat substitute in soups. Since the store doesn’t do deliveries, you can order Trader Joe's Green Jackfruit from Amazon. 


You shouldn’t have any trouble finding jackfruit in the aisles we’ve mentioned above. If you don’t find the fruit, the store must’ve run out of stock. Then you should consider visiting an Asian food market since jackfruits originate from the continent. In a previous post, we reviewed the top 10 Asian grocery stores to buy food from. If you’d rather use a substitute than stress yourself to find jackfruits, try marang or breadfruit. Both resemble jackfruit in appearance, and also have edible seeds.