Where to Find Grape Leaves in the Grocery Store?

Grape leaves might not be enough to make you wander the entire grocery store. You need to know the right aisles to check. That’s what we will show you in this post.

These leaves grown by grapevine plants are used in several cultural cuisines. They have a tangy taste, not too different from collard greens.

Let’s help you find this food condiment.

Where are the Grape Leaves in the Grocery Store?

Grape leaves are placed in different aisles depending on the arrangement design of the store owner. The first place to check is the international aisle. You’ll probably find grape leaves on the shelves that also hold Greek and Mediterranean products.

Your second hit would be the deli area of the grocery store. This is the same place you’ll find pre-packaged foods like meat and cheese.

The last place you should check for grape leaves is the condiment and canned food aisle. Grape leaves usually sit in a container or jar near pickled food or olives.

Which stores sell Grape Leaves?

If you have a hard time finding it in the grocery store, consider checking the stores listed below.


Amazon stands as one of the best places to find grape leaves. There are numerous products with varying prices to compare. In addition, you’ll likely see grape leaves products like Orlando California, Krinos, and Roland.


It’s either you order grape leaves from their online store, or you walk into the nearest Walmart supermarket. You will find Tazah, Sera, and Orland California grape leaves products.


Kroger is another store that sells grape leaves. Finally, you’ll find Steve’s and Ziyad in the pickled food section of the supermarket. Remember to check other aisles suggested above.

Whole Foods Market

Is there any Whole Foods Market nearby? Do check their pickled food aisle. You’ll certainly find Dolmas, the stuffed grape leaves, and other products like Divina and Cedars.


If Safeway is where you love to shop, you are sure to find products like Krinos, Prince Omar, and Galil there.


Here is another supermarket where you will find this item. Publix carries products like Peloponnese, Krinos, and Orland, California.


As the second-largest grocery store chain in America, Albertsons is another store where you can buy grape leaves. Check their international and pickled food aisles for brands like Krinos and Cedar.

Trader Joe’s

You will probably find the Trader Joe’s Dolmas stuffed vine leaves in the canned food section of their supermarkets. If you have anyone nearby, why not check it out.


Check Wegmans supermarket for stuffed grape leaves and the Krinos brand. Check the pickled food aisle for them.


At Vons supermarkets, you will find Galil, Divina, and Prince Omar grape leaves in the canned food section. You might also check the pickled food aisle for jarred options.

Ethnic Market

If you have either Greek or Mediterranean markets nearby, then you’re sure to find grape leaves easily. Of course, you could also check the Middle Eastern markets.


What can grape leaves be used for?

Grape leaves are basically used as wrappers for a variety of mixed fillings (which is called Dolmas or stuffed grape leaves).
The leaves can be stuffed with different ingredients ranging from rice, veggies, steamed fish, sauces, etc.

Hopefully this article has answered your itch on where to find Grape leaves in the grocery store. We also write where to find hard to find items like this, check the recommended topics below.

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