Where to find Ginger Beer in the Grocery Store

Can you really call it beer?

Well, yes. Maybe because that’s what everyone calls it, or because it has less than 0.05% alcohol.

It’s grouped as a non-alcoholic drink, after all.

You’re sure to enjoy every sip, whether you want to take ginger beer directly or spice it up in a mix.

So in this post, we’ll show you the aisles in the grocery store where you will find ginger beer. We’ll also walk you through different stores that sell it. 

Without further ado; 

Which Grocery Store Aisle is Ginger Beer

The first aisle to check for ginger beer is the non-alcoholic drink aisle. This is the same aisle you’ll find soda drinks, juices, energy drinks, and bottled water.

Another aisle to check is the alcoholic drink aisle, particularly the seltzer, cocktail mix, beer, and wine section. You’ll find ginger beer here as it is used to make cocktail mixes like Moscow Mule, Gin Gin Mule, etc.

Maybe you need a chilled ginger beer. Kindly head to the grab-and-go fridge, and you’ll find what you need there.

Aisles to check; 

  • Non-alcoholic drink aisle 
  • Alcoholic drink aisle 
  • Refrigerator section 

If you’re not sure where to get this item, you can check any of these stores listed below.

Which stores sell ginger beer?


Amazon is the most effortless go-to when you are looking for ginger beer. You will find several varieties, including spicy and all-natural. Some products on Amazon are Q Mixers, Bundaberg, Zevia, Top Hat, etc. The online delivery means you can order and have it delivered to your doorstep. 


Any Walmart store will carry ginger beer brands like Barritts, Fever-Tree, Great Value, and so on. Check their wine and beer aisle, as well as the soda and soft drinks shelves. In addition, Walmart’s online locator on their website allows checking the price and availability of any product. The locator also comes in handy to find the closest Walmart store around you. 

Whole Foods Market

If you can quickly stop at Whole Foods, check their drink shelves for ginger beer products like Q, Belvoir, Bruce Cost, and Fever-Tree.

Trader Joe’s

There are not too many options at Trader Joe’s though. However, you can still enjoy Trader Joe’s triple ginger brew.


At Aldi stores, you have many ginger beer options to choose from. In addition, you’ll find brands like Summit and Church’s ginger beer in their soda aisle.


Are you headed to 7-Eleven? Check the grab-and-go fridge and their soda aisle for your favorite brand of ginger beer. Look out for products like Bundaberg and Barritts.


If you are close to any Winn-Dixie supermarket, kindly walk to their non-alcoholic aisle and pick your favorite brand of ginger beer.


Publix carries Goslings, DG Jamaican ginger beer, Bundaberg, and Fever-Tree products. Check the soda and natural foods and drink aisles for these products.


If your chosen store is Kroger, you will find ginger beer in the soda and beer aisle. They carry such products as Bundaberg and Barritts.


Safeway is another retail store that carries ginger beer. There, you will find Q Spectacular, Goslings, Fever-Tree, Bundaberg, and so on.


Close to any Target store? Walk straight to their soda and beer aisle, where you’ll find varieties of ginger beer brands like Reed’s, Fever-Tree, Crabbies, etc.


CVS retail outlets are most likely to have ginger beer. However, if there’s any close to you, check out Q Spectacular in their fridge or soft drink aisle.


What else can you do with ginger beer?

Aside from drinking ginger beer as a mere beverage, you can:

  • Mix it with your favorite fruit juice, be it orange, apple, or lemon.
  • Make some cocktails with it. You can try El Diablo, Moscow Mule, Dark and Stormy, Irish Ale, Grin Grin mule, etc.

What are ginger beer alternatives?

You can replace ginger beer with either ginger ale or plain seltzer.


Ginger beer can be easily made at home. Squeeze ginger and accompanying flavors into a soft drink base. It’s a simple as that – this post however explains it better.

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