Where to Find Fresh Bread in the Grocery Store

The pleasant smell from hot dough is unarguably incomparable. If you’ve tasted such fresh bread you can never go back, or so they say. Perhaps, you are hoping to grab some oven-hot loaves from the grocery store yourself, otherwise you won’t be reading this post now.

As you read on, you’ll learn what aisles to find them in and stores that sell them.

Which grocery store aisle is fresh bread in?

You will find freshly baked bread in any grocery store’s bakery and bread aisle. This is the exact spot where you will find cakes and other pastries. Another aisle you will find fresh bread is the delicatessen section. 

Grocery stores that sell bread near you

Local bakeries

A nearby bakery is the first place to turn towards when looking for fresh bread. Aside from having the bread hot, you will also have a taste of the bakers’ mastery. Should you want more than bread, they will have other pastries that you might be interested in.

Whole Foods Market

You are on the lucky side if you have a Whole Foods supermarket nearby. Their bakery section is constantly alive with various kinds of oven-fresh bread, be it whole wheat, sourdough, or French bread. There is a 365 brand to serve you. Of course, you wouldn’t want to miss other savory bread they have.


Another place you might want to go to for fresh bread is Walmart. You will find classic bread in the bakery section, including fresh bread, rolls, wheat, multigrain bread, wraps, and tortilla.


Kroger usually keeps fresh bread products in the bakery aisle. So you can grab the bakery fresh artisan bread, roll, or the sliced French option. La Brea French bread is another option you might want to go for.


In their bread and bakery section, you can pick freshly baked bread at Safeway. Maybe you would like the fresh artisan sourdough San Francisco style bread or the bolillo rolls. Then, of course, there is buttermilk white bread.


Close to a Target supermarket? You can walk in and pick freshly baked bread in the bakery and bread section of the store. The choice is yours to choose either French bread, whole wheat bread flavors.


Walk into any Albertsons store near you for fresh French bread and artisan bread from Signature Select. You will also find sliced whole wheat bread, as well as soft sourdough bread.

How to tell if bread is fresh

You can tell that bread is bad if it grows mold, has a hard texture, or foul odor or taste. You can also tell from these simple tests:

  • By examining the date on the packaging.
  • By doing a touch test. Press the bread in between your thumb and finger. If it bounces back up, then it’s fresh. However, this method doesn’t work for white bread. If the white bread feels soft on the test, then it’s fresh.
  • By using checking the colored twist ties. The color code is usually different for the different days of the week. For instance, fresh bread usually has a blue twist tie on Monday and yellow on Saturday.

Qualities of a good bread

  • Quality bread should have crusts.
  • Air pockets in the crumb is a sign of a good bread.
  • Not super wet, though, but any good bread will have this glossy appearance on the inside.
  • Your nose eats good bread before your first bite. The scent of the flavor can never be undermined.
  • The external look of bread speaks of its quality. At least, it should be enticing with a good finish.

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