Where to Find Food Coloring in the Grocery Store?

Some people enjoy walking through different aisles until they find the items they want to buy. Other’s outrightly hate it. 

If you fall in the later category; It’s important to know the right aisles you should check for the product you want to purchase. In this case, it’s Food Coloring. 

So, if you’re wondering which aisles in the grocery store to find food coloring, then this article is the right deal.

Maybe you don’t want to step out. Don’t worry. We’ve also included stores to order food coloring.

Which Grocery Store Aisle is Food Coloring in?

The first aisle to check for food coloring in a grocery store is the baking aisle. Look closely for the cake decorating and sprinkle materials.

Your next stop is the natural & organic food aisle for natural vegan food coloring. And if you can’t still find it, go to the holiday section of the grocery store.

Always remember that you can ask the staff if your search is futile. 

Without further ado;


Amazon should be the first option in your mind if you want food coloring delivered to your doorstep. It’s also the biggest online store for almost everything you need. 

They have products like Watkins Assorted Good coloring, Wilton Icing color, McCormick, etc. 


You might also want to consider Walmart for food coloring. They hold brands like McCormick, Watkins, Club House, and more. In addition, Walmart has an online locator on the website, which allows checking for the availability and price of the product. Another useful feature is that users can check the closest Walmart store’s location. 

Whole Foods Market 

At Whole Foods, you will have the option to compare prices and products. Check the baking supply shelves for products like Watkins and Garden food colorings.


Walk into any Kroger supermarket and look for McCormick, Betty Crocker, and Simple Truth products. If there’s no store close to you, Kroger also allows door-to-door delivery. 


Safeway is another store to get food coloring. Check their baking supply aisle, and you’re sure to find what you need.


You will find food coloring products like Watkins and McCormick on the baking decoration materials shelves in every Target store. So you can check them out.


Publix is one of the biggest store brands, and you’re sure to find food coloring brands like Betty Crocker, Watkins, McCormick, and Badia at any Publix store. Check the baking supply aisle when next you are in the walk-in store. 

Your Local Food Store

That local food store in your neighborhood should be an ideal location to find food coloring. 


What can I use in place of food coloring?

You might choose to go entirely natural by using either of these below as food coloring:

  • Raspberries and strawberries for pink
  • Tomatoes or beets for red
  • Red cabbage plus baking soda for blue
  • Cocoa, tea for brown
  • Matcha or spinach for green
  • Turmeric for yellow

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