Where to Find Floss in the Grocery Store?

Floss, or dental floss, is a bundle of strings used in cleaning and remove food from the spaces between your teeth. This prevents dental plaque from growing and ruining them.

Dental plaques are available at any drug or grocery store that sells essential items. Keep reading to learn what aisles and stores to find them in. 

Which aisle can you find floss in the grocery store?

Dental floss should be in the personal and health care section of most grocery stores. Locate the oral care aisle and pick the brand of your choice.

Grocery stores that sell floss


On Amazon, dental floss is in the oral care products in the personal care category. Different brands are available in this category. Examples are DenTek triple clean floss picks, Glide Oral-B pro-health deep clean floss, and Plackers twin line dental floss picks. 

Oral-B Glide Pro-Health Dental Floss, Original Floss, 50m, Pack of 6
  • Case of six dispensers, each containing 54.7 yards of dental floss (total of 328.2 yards)
  • Light coating of natural wax for improved grip
  • Slides easily between tight teeth without shredding
  • Clinically proven to remove plaque
  • Made in the United States
DenTek Triple Clean Advanced Clean Floss Picks, No Break & No Shred Floss, 150 Count
  • DenTek Triple Clean Advanced Clean Floss Picks have our thinnest, strongest floss that won't break or shred
  • Floss is composed of 200+ individual cleaning strands
  • Includes a micro-textured pick to scrape away stubborn bits of food and plaque
  • Mouthwash blast mint flavored floss with fluoride-infused floss strands
  • DenTek Floss Picks come in a variety of formats to meet your mouth's needs
Reach Waxed Dental Floss | Effective Plaque Removal, Extra Wide Cleaning Surface | Shred Resistance & Tension, Slides Smoothly & Easily , PFAS FREE | Mint Flavored, 200 Yards, 1 Pack
  • Effective Plaque Removal: 200 yards of Reach , a mint flavored, waxed dental floss with an extra-wide cleaning surface specifically designed for wide spaced teeth
  • Teeth Protection: Helps protect your teeth and gums by effectively removing plaque from hard to reach places that brushing alone may miss
  • Thoroughly Clean: Reach waxed dental floss removes small food particles that get stuck between the teeth and around gums, and that can lead to bad breath, for a thorough clean
  • Extra-wide Cleansing Surface: Dental floss from Reach is specifically effective in cleaning between wide spaced teeth thanks to its extra-wide cleaning surface
  • Professional Recommended: Dental professionals recommend flossing regularly because it is proven to remove plaque between teeth to help prevent gum disease


In Walmart, dental floss is in the oral care aisle of the store’s care products. It’s pretty straightforward. Check the available brands and select the one you want. 


Like Walmart, dental floss is in the personal care section, aisle oral care. In addition to this, Kroger has many flosses for your desired preference. 

The products here include Reach waxed mint floss, Oral-B glide with scope outcast long-lasting mint flavor floss picks, Kroger hi-performance mint flossers, and others.


Meijer’s oral care section offers many brands of dental floss for your personal use. Navigate through the beauty & personal care section and locate the different oral care products. 

You’ll come across products like Meijer super slip mint floss up, GUM Crayola twistable flossers, Listerine ultraclean access flosser, Oral-B glide pro-health comfort plus dental floss, etc.


This store offers myriads of dental floss for customers’ use. 

Examples of products in this section include: 

  • Walgreens hi-tech dental floss mint.
  • Oral-B gum care floss picks.

All these products are located in the oral care section of the personal care department.


Hy-vee grocery

Are you looking for the dental floss area at Hy-vee? Head straight to the store’s health & beauty section. Dental floss is located in the oral care aisle. Quite a lot of brands are on this aisle for customer’s use.

So, select the brand that suits you, and you are good to go. Examples of floss in this store include Oral-B glide pro-health deep clean floss, GUM Eez-thru flossers extra-strong floss mint and much more. 


Target is home to a plethora of easily affordable products. For instance, dental floss is in the store’s oral care section. Examples include Oral-B gum care floss picks, Oral-B super floss, and many others.


In the Wegmans store, you’ll come across tons of dental floss brands. 

Popular options include: 

  • Oral-B complete glide with scope outlast mint flavor floss picks.
  • TopCare everyday extra comfort floss mint.
  • TopCare everyday unflavored waxed dental floss. 


Locating the section of a store housing dental floss is much easier now. With the tips in this post, your shopping just got less stressful.