Where to Find Fennel Bulb / Seeds in the Grocery Store

Grocery store shopping can be overwhelming. With aisles rotating occasionally, it’s easy to miss common items even while they’re right in front of you. In this short guide, we’ll do one thing; show you the exact aisles to find fennel bulbs in the grocery store.

But before then, here’s an interesting fact about the Fennel bulb; Fennel bulbs belong to the carrot family. However, they are not root vegetables. However, they are edible from the bulb in their roots to their feathery leaves and yellowish flowers. They can be eaten raw or cooked.

Which grocery store aisle are Fennel bulb / seeds?

You can begin by checking the Produce Aisle near the vegetable roots. That’s where you’ll find fresh fruits and vegetables like carrots, potatoes, and broccoli.

Sometimes, grocery stores keep their Fennel bulb seeds along with specialty produce. You will find it close to the Produce section.

Note that Fennel bulbs are seasonal. You’re more likely to find it in the grocery store during fall. Any other time might be unlikely. But even if you can’t find it during fall, try checking any of the stores below.

What stores can I get fennel bulbs in?


Amazon is the largest online store in the world. It has a large inventory of grocery items and Fennel bulbs are sure to be part of it. Amazon has locally grown Fennel bulbs on the website alongside Fennel seeds.


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  • The Latin name for fennel is foeniculum vulgare.
  • Both the crunchy bulb and the seeds of the fennel plant have a mild, licorice-like flavor.
  • Yet, the flavor of the seeds is more potent due to their powerful essential oils.
  • The benefits of fennel tea are both culinary and curative. Fennel is used in many different cuisines, from Indian to Italian, to contemporary fusion, and all parts of the plant are used, including the leaves, seeds, and bulb.
  • Aside from its many culinary uses, fennel and its seeds offer a wide array of health benefits and may provide antioxidant.

Ethnic markets

You could check the nearest ethnic market for this item, especially the Mediterranean market. They should have the Fennel bulbs sitting on the shelves. 

Whole Foods Market

You are sure to get fennel bulbs at Whole Foods because they boast of purely organic products. So start your search around the veggies, and you will find them.


You are most likely to buy fennel bulbs at Publix during the season.


Another spot you might want to check for this item is Kroger. It is usually available at supermarkets during the season.


Just like most of the other stores, Safeway tends to stock fennel bulbs during the fall time.


What is a good substitute for a Fennel bulb?

Since fennel bulb is primarily available during the fall time, you might want to consider the following alternatives:

  • Celery
  • Yellow or white onion
  • Leeks

Is there another name for the Fennel bulb?

Yes, you can either call it fennel bulb or sweet anise. So, if you don’t find the item with one name, you can search with the other name.

What different ways can you use a fennel bulb?

Fennel bulb finds its use in many cuisines. For example, you can add it to your salad to give it a delightful crispness and mild licorice flavor.

You might also want to feature a fennel bulb in your soup, be it the creamy type of tomato soup.

Fennel bulbs make an excellent side dish. You can roast, bake or sauté them with garlic and salt seasoning. You can even mix them with veggies like carrots, potatoes, and greens.

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