Where to Find Dry Sherry in the Grocery Store

We found coconut aminos in the grocery store before, and we’ve seen how great it is for marination. Now, we’ve found something else you can use in your cooking to get great taste results.

Dry sherry.

Dry sherry is wine that ferments, after which a layer of yeast, known as flor, forms on top of it. Flor protects the sherry wine from spoiling.

After the fermentation process, the dry sherry result is then strengthened with brandy to further increase its alcohol quantity. 

It’s the same process for the cooking sherry, except dry sherry doesn’t have all the extra sodium, additives, preservatives, and food colorings that cooking sherry does, making it highly undrinkable.

But in situations where you’re out of cooking sherry, you can still substitute dry sherry for cooking.

Can you buy dry sherry at the grocery store?

Yes, you can buy dry sherry at the grocery store. But before you go hunting for it, be sure to find out what states allow grocery stores to sell liquor, otherwise you’ll have a tough time finding it.

You wouldn’t want to go all the way there and find out that they don’t sell dry sherry because you didn’t know about the rules to buying alcohol in each state’s grocery stores beforehand.

That aside, you can buy dry sherry at any walk-in grocery store from the Alcohol/ Beverage or Wine aisle, since it’s suitable for drinking.

wine bottles on shelves

But if you don’t find it there, check the Condiment aisle. Dry sherry brands are usually on shelves close to vinegar and other wines for cooking.

If the grocery store you visit is running special promotions, then you might want to hang around the front area of the store.  

Where can I buy dry sherry for cooking?

If you decide to skip the sodium-filled lifestyle of using cooking sherry, you can buy dry sherry from these stores:


Amazon delivers booze, in case you forgot. So you’ll definitely find dry sherry there. Although, at the time of this post, we couldn’t find any brands of dry sherry on the online platform. However, you can sort through different brands of cooking sherry, if you’re looking for variety.


Walmart toasts to alcohol pickup at 2,000 stores, so you can walk into any and grab yourself a bottle of dry sherry. Or you could just sit back at home and order brands like the Taylor Dry Sherry online.

Trader Joe’s

Unlike Walmart and Amazon, you can’t order alcohol online at Trader Joe’s website, or any other product for that matter. But you can get Pale Dry Sherry from their walk-in outlets.


Vons houses a sizable variety of cooking and dry sherry brands like the Christian Brothers Dry Sherry.


Like Vons, Safeway also has the Christian Brothers Dry Sherry in stock. You can find it in the condiment aisle at the walk-in stores or choose to order it online.


You don’t necessarily have to visit the Wegmans store outlets as they have the option for delivery. So you can comfortably purchase their Dry Sack Medium Dry Sherry from home.

Whole Foods Market

Whole foods has its own fair share of dry sherry products in stock like the Taylor brand Dry Sherry, although they won’t deliver. So you’d have to visit any of the walk-in stores to purchase it.


Kroger has a condiment aisle where you can buy dry sherry. You’ll find different brands of it close to the other cooking wines and vinegar.


Meijer has Taylor Dry Sherry Wine ready for both pickup and delivery. However, they have just one condition for purchase. You must be over 21, as it’s an age restricted grocery item.

What is a non alcoholic substitute for dry sherry?

A lot of folks aren’t so crazy about having close to 20% of alcohol in their food. In this case, there are other non-alcoholic alternatives.

Like white wine, for example. It still has alcohol in it, but a very low amount of 5 to 14%.

Pinot Grigio white wine bottle beside wine glass on a table

If you’re still not sold on the idea, then you should opt for vinegars. We all know vinegars aren’t lacking in variety as we have apple ciders, wine vinegars, and even rice vinegar solutions.

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