Where to Find Dandelion Greens in the Grocery Store?

You are most likely not one of those that see dandelions as a nettlesome weed that keeps growing in the garden. 

By the way, it is loaded with nutritional benefits. The dandelion leaves called dandelion greens are used in many recipes too.

If you have already discovered the secrets about dandelion greens, then asking’ where you can buy them, this post will be helpful.

Which Grocery Store Aisle is Dandelion Greens in?

Grocery stores that carry dandelion greens keep them in the produce aisle. You will find them sitting next to leafy vegetables like lettuce, arugula, and cabbage.

List of Stores that sell Dandelion Greens

We have listed below the different stores and the various aisles to find them in these grocery stores.


Kroger is a large retail store with many kinds of groceries, including organic products and vegetables. Check for red organic dandelion greens in their produce shelves.

Whole Foods

Whole Foods Market is one of the first places to mind whenever you’re looking to buy healthy foods. The retail store keeps fresh organic foods, including organic dandelion greens. They’re usually in a bundle in the vegetable or produce aisle.


Any Albertsons supermarket is likely to carry the Cal-Organic Farms dandelion greens. They’re placed as a bundle in the herbs section. You might consider checking if you’re close to any of them.


You might not have any Whole Foods or Albertsons close to you. We recommend that you shop at Safeway if that’s what you have around. They carry the Cal-Organic Farms dandelion greens and the unbranded bundle of the herb.


H-E-B is a popular grocery store spread across the country. They sell wholesome fresh produce, including dandelion greens. 

Stop & Shop

Here’s another retail store to buy dandelion greens in the country. Stop & Shop does not just carry this herb but also many organic foods and veggies.


Publix also carries fresh vegetables and herbs. They keep the Cal-Organic Farms dandelion greens in the produce aisle. It’s a place you would like to shop if there’s any close to you.

City Market

Here’s another store you shouldn’t miss, especially if you have one close to you. They keep organic dandelion greens in their natural and organic produce section.

International/Ethnic Market

Asian markets and Latino markets also carry dandelion greens in the produce section. You will probably find them in the Korean markets. Hit or miss, the Japanese or Chinese markets will have them.

Your garden

We mentioned at the beginning that dandelion greens could be growing in your garden. They grow at certain times of the year, depending on where you live, though. Early spring, when herbs are tender, is the best time to pick dandelion greens from your yard.


How to use dandelion greens?

  • Eat dandelion greens in a mix of melted cheese, fluffy egg, probably other vegetables
  • Make dandelion pesto
  • Throw it in beans based soups just as you would kale and chard
  • Sautée or braise dandelion green with olive oil and lots of garlic. Enjoy the healthy mix.

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