Where to find Currants in the Grocery Store?

Currant is a seasonal fruit. As such, you might not find it in the grocery store all through the year. The dry ones, however, could be available any time.

If you are wondering where to begin your search for currants in the grocery store, we have highlighted the different aisles to find them in this post. We shall also tell you the stores that carry it.

Which Grocery Store Aisle are Black Currants in?

Most grocery stores hold currants in the produce aisle. Pay attention to the plastic clamshell containers for dry and fresh currants.

The next place to check is the bulk area of the store and the section that holds the dry fruits and nuts. They are either on the shelf or in the display case.

Stores to buy Black Currants 

If you are still having a hard time finding currants,  you might want to check any of these stores:


Wants it delivered to your home? Leverage on the number of vendors, varying prices, and products on Amazon. You can choose from products like Sun-Maid Zante currants, Whole Foods Organic currants, or the Gerbs dry currants.


Whether you want to get it online or in-store, Walmart has products like Sun-Maid, Larissa Veronica dry currants, and Great Value dried currants. Use their store locator to check the availability of these products.

Whole Foods Market

You can get both fresh and dry currants at Whole Foods supermarkets when it is their season. Look in their produce aisle for products like St. Dalfour and Aurora.


Publix is another store where you can get dry currants and fresh ones when it is the season (Thanksgiving/Christmas season).


If you are close to any Kroger store, check their dry fruits aisle for Sun-Maid, Seitenbacher, and Free Range currant products. Most of what you will find are dry options.


Likes to shop at Safeway supermarket? Check for Sun-Maid zante currants and St. Dalfour in their produce and dry fruits aisle.

City Market

City Market sells both dry and fresh currants. They carry brands like St. Dalfour and Seitenbacher in the dry fruits aisle, where you will also find boxed raisins.


What can I do with currants?

  • Use dried currants to improve your cake
  • You can add some of it when baking any bread
  • like blueberries, fresh currants are also used in making jams, tarts, jellies, and pies

Should I soak currants before baking?

It is advisable to soak dried currants if you bake with them. It’ll make the fruit plump and moist and prevent it from absorbing too much moisture from the recipe in which you’re using it.

Are currants and raisins the same thing?

Currants and raisins are not the same, but they are types of dried grapes. They’re produced from different species of grape.

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