Where to find Cotija Cheese in the Grocery Store

Cotija cheese has its origins just as chia seeds. There has been a lot of shared recipes between the United States and Mexico. These kinds of foods are what being neighbors are all about. 

Cotija cheese is used as toppings for salads, beans, tostadas, and wet burritos. It adds a rich flavor that allows you to savor your food. 

Trying to find it in a grocery store?

You can find Cotija Cheese in the Cheese aisle in the grocery store. There is a lot of cheese so you must have your eyes peeled to spot it.

The second section to check-in is the dairy section as some grocery keep it among other dairy products like milk. 

However, if you can’t find it, ask the help from an employee in the grocery store.

Stores that Sell Cotija Cheese

Walmart – Walmart offers different brands like Kraft Grated Cheese and El Mexicano Casero Fresco. Use the Walmart online store locater to find the Walmart store close to your location.  

Amazon –  Amazon is the first go to find different brands of Cotija Cheese at a discounted rate. You can also have whatever brand delivered to your doorstep. Buying in bulk can also save you more money than the grocery store. 

Whole Foods Market – whole foods market has an already grated cotija cheese. You can also have it delivered to your doorstep using their online platform. 

Costco – They have different brands of cotija cheese to choose from. They also do home deliveries. 

Publix –  Inside publix, you will find Cotija Cheese in the dairy section. There are many options you can select. 

Kroger – Kroger stores Cotija Cheese in the Cheese section. You can also find other good brands to pick from. 

Safeway –  You can either go to the store or order from the comfort of your home. Cotija Cheese is stored in the cheese or dairy section.

Hannaford – Hannaford also provides many product brands. 

Recipes for Cotija Cheese 

  •     Cheese and Poblano Quesadillas
  •     Chorizo and Cheese Bread
  •     Cream of Avocado-Lime Soup
  •     Elote (Mexican Corn on the Cob)
  •     Enchiladas Nortenas with Grilled Chicken and Queso Quesadilla
  •     Grilled Beef Tenderloin with Chipotle Sauce and Menonita Cheese
  •     Mazatlan Fisherman’s Stew (Mexican Bouillabaisse)
  •     Mexican Grilled Corn


If you’ve read thus far, you should know where to find Cotija Cheese in a grocery store. If you still can’t let’s make a recap on locations you should check. 

Your first stop should be the cheese section, the second is the dairy, and then the bakery aisle. If you can’t find it in any of the locations mentioned, ask an employee. 

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