Where to find Coconut water in a Grocery Store 

Simple answer: you can find coconut water in a beverage aisle. But that’s not always the case because some stores change the placement of items. You can also find coconut water in refrigerators and the international aisle. 

In some stores, it’s highly likely you won’t find in those areas. In that case, check the health food or organic aisle. 

If you are having trouble locating the international aisle or the refrigerator section, ask the grocery employees to point you in the right direction. 

Stores that Sell Coconut Water 

Amazon – If you’re looking for where to find coconut water in a grocery store, the first go-to place to buy coconut water while sitting in the comfort of your home is Amazon. Their coconut water is rated to be among the best and what’s more? You have lots of alternatives you can choose from. 

Walmart – if you enter any Walmart store then head straight to the beverage aisle. You will find many options to pick from. You can also use the official website to find the specific product to ensure it’s there before coming to the store. 

Safeway – In Safeway, you can find coconut water in the beverage or organic aisle. They are stored in refrigerators and if you can’t find them, they are likely out. 

Kroger – Inside Kroger, you will coconut water in the beverage section. Another place to look out is the refrigerators. The notable names you will find is the Conchita, and Vita coco. 

Publix – in Publix, you can find it in the beverage aisle not far from the seltzer and juice section. Also, check the refrigerators if you don’t find it there. 

Some Nifty ways Coconut water is used 

Coconut water has different uses and most importantly it’s a healthy drink. You will find some creative ways some people use it to enjoy healthy drinks. 


Coconut water is a key ingredient in some smoothies. If you want to add delicious flavor to your smoothie then look no further than some coconut water. Just some scoops from the ladle can change the taste of your smoothie entirely. 

Green tea

Coconut water is a catalyst to make your taste buds dance from a sip of green tea. It’s one of those ingredients you should substitute water with. You will enjoy a wholesome drink with the taste of coconut flirting with your mouth while you take tea however you want it. 

Bottom Line 

Now you know where to find coconut water in a grocery store. It shouldn’t be hard to find anymore. Most stores keep in the beverage, refrigerator, or food sections. However, if you can’t find it, you’d be better of calling the grocery employees to help you with your search. 

At Grocerycorridor, we also write about many items that are hard to find in a grocery store. If you’ve ever wondered where you can find the listed items in a grocery store, you never have to worry ever again. 

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