Where to find Coconut Water in grocery store 

As the name implies, coconut water is the clear liquid inside a coconut. You can drink it raw from the fruit, and there are many health benefits that accompany it. The benefits include regulating your blood sugar, improving kidney health, and keeping you hydrated. If you want to know where to find coconut water in grocery store, we’ll show you the right aisles and stores to check.

Where is coconut water in grocery stores?

Coconut water should be in the Beverages section of most stores. That’s where you will find all kinds of drinks, such as tea, coffee, beer, milk, energy drinks, regular or sparkling water, and more. Some stores may keep them on shelves as they’re processed with preservatives and can stay without refrigeration. You may also find chilled coconut water in Refrigerators. 

If the store you’re shopping at has a Health or Organic foods aisle, you should check there as well. That aisle carries natural and vegan foods. Since grocery store layouts change regularly, these aisles may be renamed differently. Additionally, if you want to extract coconut water yourself, check the Produce aisle for coconuts.

Best stores to buy coconut water from

The stores listed below sell fresh coconut water. Most of them have online locators to help you find the right aisle in your region as store layouts continuously change. But Whole Foods Market and Trader Joe’s are among the few that don’t offer delivery options on their website. Hence, you may need to use a food delivery app to shop conveniently.

Since coconut water comes from a fruit and is consumable, it qualifies for Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card purchase. We have a guide that lists what you can or can’t buy with EBT cards. Don’t know what EBT cards are and how they work? Then read our explainer article on how to apply for the electronic food stamps online.


Amazon offers you cost-saving deals for products. You can buy coconut water in packs of 12 and save up to 15%. If there’s an Amazon Fresh store near you, you can also get the water there.

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Walmart keeps coconut water in the Beverage aisle. They stock best-sellers such as Vita Coco and Goya, among other brands. You can use the store’s online locator feature to find the right aisle in Walmart branches near you.

Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market is the best store to buy organic and natural foodstuff from. They have their own brand, which is 365 by Whole Foods Market. Since the store doesn’t do deliveries, you’ll need to use a service like Instacart or Shipt. Fortunately, Amazon owns Whole Foods Market and you can shop their products on Amazon.com.

Trader Joe’s 

Trader Joe’s stocks coconut water in the Beverages aisle. Like Whole Foods Market, they have their own brand and don’t do deliveries. But you can order Trader Joe's coconut water from Amazon.


Some Meijer stores keep coconut water in the Delicatessen (Deli) section of the grocery store. You can also order online, and the store will deliver the product to your doorstep. Also, the website features an online locator to help you find the right aisle in Meijer stores near you.


Aldi has a low profit margin, which means you can buy products at cheap prices. In most Aldi stores, coconut water is in the Beverages aisle. 


Kroger stocks coconut water in the Beverages department. You can use the online locator to find the right aisle in your location. 


Most Coconut water brands in grocery stores claim to be 100% natural. While they may carry such labels on the packaging, it’s not always true. Some brands add sugar, colorants, and preservatives to their products. Hence, the best alternative is to extract coconut water yourself. 

If you’ve never cracked a coconut before, we advise you to consult an expert or guide on how to make homemade coconut water. The procedure may involve using a mallet or knife, which can hurt you if not handled with care. But if you don’t want to go through that stress and you can’t get your hands on coconuts or the water from stores, then try watermelon water, oat milk, or rice milk.