Where to find Coconut Aminos in the grocery store

Soy sauce is the regular go-to option for marinating, and we often incorporate it into sauces and use them in our stew. But here’s why Soy sauce is bad for you, especially when you’re on a gluten-free diet.

And since it’s not always ideal to ingest, what’s the better alternative? In our opinion, we’d say it’s Coconut Aminos because not only do they have a more subtle taste than soy sauce, but they’re also natural and gluten-free.

Coconut Aminos in a glass bowl resting on a wooden board


While we can go on and on about that, why don’t you just check out this guide on what the difference between Coconut Aminos vs Soy sauce is?

When you’re through with that, let’s talk about where to find Coconut Aminos in the grocery store.

Where to find Coconut Aminos in the grocery store

Now, if you ever find yourself in a grocery store and you don’t know where to start looking, here’s our shopping itinerary to guide you through all the possible stops:

  • Around the store entrance
  • Condiments aisle
  • Spices & seasonings section
  • Natural food aisle

You should know by now how the grocery store manipulates your mind. During special promotions, they usually place products like Coconut Aminos around the entrance or main aisle of the store to grab your attention.

So if you don’t find them there, at least you’ll walk out with other enticing items. But before you leave, check the condiments aisle.

Most times, it’s jam-packed with all kinds of sauces, including different brands of mustard and mayo. So your chances of finding Coconut Aminos there are pretty high.

Your next stop should be the spices and seasonings section because Coconut Aminos are sort of like seasoning sauces, so you can find them there. But if you don’t, pay the natural food aisle a visit.

You might ask, “isn’t that where purely natural food items are?”. But the truth is ‘natural’ means practically nothing when it comes to food aisles in grocery stores.

Where can I buy Coconut Aminos?

Munkijo Organic Coconut Aminos in bottle standing beside coconut fruit

You can buy Coconut Aminos from the following stores:


If you want to find Coconut Aminos on short notice, Amazon is the first store you should start with. You can score products like their best seller Organic Coconut Aminos Soy sauce replacement online, or go for this other Coconut Aminos Soy-free seasoning sauce.

Organic Coconut Aminos Soy Sauce Replacement, 16.9 Ounces
If you love soy sauce but not its high sodium content, this sauce is for you. It's gluten-free, paleo-friendly, and it contains less sodium than traditional soy sauce.


The next decade will decide which comes out on top in an Amazon vs Walmart battle. But for now, we’ll avoid that fight by saying both are remarkable stores. You can find Coconut Aminos at any Walmart outlet, or order brands like the Dynamic Health Organic Coconut Aminos online.

Trader Joe’s

You won’t have any luck ordering online from Trader Joe’s because they don’t offer such services, along with curbside pickup. But you can buy their Organic Coconut Aminos Seasoning Sauce from any of the outlets.


Publix has a reasonable variety of Coconut Aminos brands you can choose from, and you can get them from any walk-in Publix store.


Kroger has a condiments aisle where you can pick up Coconut Aminos, or you can order online if you prefer.

Your local food stores

Most local food stores close to residential areas tend to have larger collections of natural food products than stores at the center of town or cities. So you’ll most likely find gluten and soy-free Coconut Aminos there.


Wegmans prides itself on having its own brand of Coconut Aminos, as well as other products. You can try Wegmans Organic Sauce Coconut Aminos or this other Coconut Secret Soy-free coconut aminos.

Are Coconut Aminos and Liquid Aminos the same thing?

They’re both liquid and “aminos”, so it’s understandable why a lot of first-timers confuse them with each other. But here’s the thing.

Liquid Aminos can come as fermented coconut saps just like Coconut Aminos. But the difference is that Liquid Aminos still contain a bit of soybeans, which you’ll want to avoid if you’re trying to make food choices for a Soy-free diet.

Coconut Aminos in glass bowl

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