Where to Find Chia Seeds in the Grocery Store? 

Tired of searching for chia seeds in the grocery store? Find out where you can find it without breaking a sweat. 

Chia seed is a super healthy food that is common around the world. The natives of Mexico are known to consume it a lot. And considering the United States and Mexico share the same border. It’s easy to see why it has made its way into the states. 

Now the question is – Where can you find chia seeds in a grocery store? 

Aisles to Find Chia Seeds in the Grocery Store 

Your first stop should be in the health food and organic aisle. Many supermarkets consider them to be a healthy food thus you will find them in the food section. 

As you may know, not all stores are built the same. Thus the arrangement of items might be slightly different depending on the store. 

The spice section is the second section you should check. It’s usually stored in a transparent spice jar. 

In some stores, you will find chia seeds in the baking aisle. Some stores consider it to be a baking ingredient. Chia seeds are kept close to gluten-free products. 

Finally, if you can’t find it. Don’t hesitate to ask an employee, they will be happy to show you where you can find it. 

Grocery Stores that Sell Chia Seeds 

Chia seeds are not staple foods in the US. It’s likely many stores won’t have them in stock. So I’ve made a list of stores that sell chia seeds. 

Amazon – while Amazon is not particularly a grocery store, it boasts of a large inventory of groceries that could put some big chains to shame.  

It’s one of the best places you can buy chia seeds as it has different brands to choose from. Buying in bulk means you will have a significant discount on the purchase. 

Walmart – Walmart also has a variety of chia seeds with popular brands like the Navitas and Nutiva. Don’t forget to ask an employee where you can find it. 

Whole Foods – Whole foods have a branded chia seed known as the 365 everyday value. However, there are other brands customers can pick from. 

GNC – You will find the Nutiva chia seeds in the healthy food section. There are other brands as well. If you can’t find it, ask an employee. 

Local Health Food store – Your local health food store will likely have chia seeds in stock. But it’s still the last place on the list of potential places to buy chia seeds. 

Safeway – In Safeway, you will find the mama chai organic chia seed and Bob’s red mill whole chia seeds as the common options. 

Target – You will find chia seeds in the spice area. It’s found in the spice sections in a jar of organic chia seed made by target. 

Trader Joe’s – Trader Joe’s has its branded Organic chia seeds. You can also find other brands to choose from as well. 

Publix – Publix offers brands like the Spectrum and Greenwise chia seeds. They also have other brands. Ask an employee if you can’t find it. 

How to Use Chia Seeds 

Chia seeds have ample nutritional benefits and they have versatile applications to our diet. 

They can be used as thickening agents for recipes. Some even use them as an additive flavor by sprinkling them into rice dishes, cereal, yogurt, and oatmeal. 

It can also be used in milkshakes, and juice to add rich flavor to it. The health benefits are also rich and healthy for consumers. 

Tips for Buying Chia Seeds 

Before you buy chia seeds, you must know this; 

You should buy Chia seeds from companies that have healthy food pedigree. Some notable names are Bob’s Red Mill, Nutiva, and The Chia Co. Try to buy the products that mention their chia seeds being harmful chemical-free. 

Another tip when buying chia seeds is to remember not to buy more than you need. As they don’t have a long life, buy what you need and don’t buy in bulk if you can’t use it all before it goes bad. 


If you’ve read thus far, you should know where you can find chia seeds in the grocery store. I’ve covered all the aisles and sections you need to check. 

If you can’t find it in the food, baking, or spice aisle, ask a worker to point you in the right direction. 

Chia seeds are healthy foods that are incorporated into recipes for their flavor.

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