Where are Capers in the Grocery Store?

You cook with capers, but do you know what they really are?

Well, the Capparis Spinosa, which we know in the less tongue-twisting term as Capers, is a type of plant with edible flower buds.

These edible buds are mostly hand-picked because they’re too tiny and fragile to be collected with machines.

It’s one of the reasons why they’re so expensive, coupled with the fact that they undergo the tedious process of sun-drying and packing in salt.

Capers are a perfect topping for fish, chicken or meat, even in sauces and salads or on pizza. If you want to know where to find capers, your answer is a few scrolls away.

What aisle are capers in grocery store?

Capers are usually hiding in the Condiment aisle next to olives and pickles. When they’re not there, you could spot them in the International aisle.

They’ll be near the Italian grocery items as they’re used in dishes like Chicken Piccata. But if you still don’t spot them there, feel free to walk up to the store’s employee and ask for directions.

Where can I buy capers near me?

Here are the best possible places to buy capers:


Not only is Amazon one of the largest online stores, but it also ships internationally. So if you’re a couch potato, you can always order for capers online and have them delivered to you. Currently, Amazon has the Mina Non Pareil capers and the Mantova Capers in brine, along with multiple other brand choices to pick from.

Mina Capers Non Pareil, The Perfect Mediterranean Seasoning or Garnish, 33.5 oz
PERFECT MEDITERRANEAN SEASONING OR GARNISH - Add a unique seasoning tang to salads, pastas, sauces, chicken, and fish or as a garnish for almost any dish; Fold them into omelets or put them inside wraps; Elegant hors d’oeuvres with crostini and seafood.
Mantova Capers In Brine 3.5 Oz. (Pack Of 3)
  • All Natural capers
  • Product of Italy
  • Ingredients: capers, water, Vinegar, salt
  • No additives


Presently, Walmart has the Reese Non Pareil Capers and Goya Spanish Capers. There are plenty of other brands available, and you can order them online or visit any of the outlets near you.


Even while Kroger can’t compete with Amazon and Walmart, it’s still one of the best places to shop for grocery items at cheap prices. If you’re health conscious, they have the Organic Mediterranean wild capers waiting for you, along with others. 

Whole Foods Market

We love Whole Foods Market because it has its own grocery item brands, plus it’s perfect for anyone who’s on a healthy diet plan. They sell mostly organic products like these Organic caper berries and these other Imported NonPareil Capers from Jeff’s Garden. Unfortunately, you can’t order them online, but you can locate a store near you on the online platform.


Woolworths has a short collection of capers. But you can get the Sandhurst baby capers in wine vinegar there whenever you need to make an emergency run for capers. It’s available for delivery, so you can add it to your cart.

Trader Joe’s

At Trader Joe’s, you won’t have the luxury of ordering online, for COVID-related reasons. So you have to visit any of its outlets to check for capers. On the bright side, Trader Joe’s capers come in large containers and for cheaper prices, compared to the other stores. If you’d really like to get Trader Joe's Nonpareille capers with no preservatives, you can order it on Amazon.


H.E.B has its own brand of capers, which is the Select Ingredients Non‑Pareil Capers. To prove its impartiality to other brands, it also stocks varieties of other products which you can buy at affordable prices.

What do capers taste like?

Raw capers taste bitter. That’s why they are stored in brine or salt to give them a little kick in the taste. By a little kick, we actually mean a lot, as capers can become unbearably salty after processing.

Capers in transparent jar beside salad cream

For that reason, we don’t advise eating it straight out of the jar like pickles, especially if you’re watching your salt intake.

However, if you’d like to cook with them, you can serve capers with anchovy pastes, pasta dishes, and even salads.

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