Where to Find Cannoli Shells in the Grocery Store

Oh, sweet Cannoli! We’re back to finding groceries again!

And this time, it’s crusty pastries for us.

Cannoli is a popular dessert made out of flour, cocoa, coffee, sugar, and butter. This mixture is hardened by frying into a crispy outer shell in the shape of a tube, and then stuffed with ricotta cheese fillings.

It’s finger-licking good, and you can find it at your local grocery store. But if you feel like testing your chef skills and trying out your hand at making Cannoli fillings yourself, here’s the fastest way to find crispy Cannoli shells in a grocery store to begin.

Where to find Cannoli shells in a grocery store

Your first stop on the quest for Cannoli shells is the baking section. There you’ll find all kinds of pastries and desserts, so you can bet that your shells are right there. 

But if you can’t find it, don’t give up hope yet. It doesn’t mean the store’s all run. 

Another promising place you can check out is the International aisle, which is usually assorted with all kinds of foreign food items. You should be able to find the Italian Cannoli shells there.

Some Grocery stores to find Cannoli shells in

Italian stores

You can buy Cannoli shells from any walk-in Italian store, or you can save yourself the stress and order online from stores like Delicatezza, which has Cannoli box sets in small, medium and large to choose from. 

Super Market Italy also has Cannoli shell products like the Ferrara Large Cannoli Shells and the Pagef Large Cannoli Siciliani pieces.


At any Walmart outlet, you can purchase Cannoli shell brands like the Ferrara Mini Cannoli Shells. But if you don’t have Walmart in your area or region, you can always order online. Use the online store locator to find the correct aisle in your location.


Amazon is one of the largest stores in the world today, so you can be certain it’ll have Cannoli shells up for grabs. But you better hurry. A little birdie told us the Cannoli shells are about to run out of stock! We managed to salvage some shells for you. You can check out our recommendations below.

ALESSI CANNOLI 12 Large Sicilian Style Hand Rolled Shells Imported from Italy 2 Pack- 4oz (2)
Originally enjoyed by Sicilians only at Carnival time, word spread quickly of their goodness. The wonderful legacy of this Sicilian invention now enjoys worldwide popularity.


Safeway has both online and walk-in stores where you can buy Cannoli shells. However, we always recommend going there yourself to see the products physically, no matter how stressful it may be.


Wegmans has a bakery section where you can find Cannoli shells, and it’s easy to locate on arrival at the store.

Harris Teeter 

Harris Teeter keeps its Cannoli shells displayed in a clear container atop a dessert case in the walk-in store. You can also order them online, or have them delivered to your doorstep.

Just a pro tip!

The best way to store your Cannoli after stuffing them with your homemade fillings is to gobble them up. It’s tempting to toss food into the freezer and forget them there. But the Cannoli isn’t one food item you’d want to do that to.

Cannoli pastries

After 24 hours in the fridge, it becomes soggy and also loses its taste and texture. So we advise only filling your Cannoli shells when you want to serve them immediately.

If not, you can store the shells and fillings separately in airtight containers, and then keep them in your refrigerator. Preferably, you should always line the insides of the containers with paper towers. This is so that the towels absorb any form of moisture and keep the shells crisp.

We hope you find this post helpful!