Where to Find Burritos Near Me in the Grocery Store?

Who doesn’t love burritos?

I mean, the alluring taste of the savory ingredients wrapped in a tortilla is nearly irresistible: the cheese, egg, chicken, beef, vegetables, rice, beans, spices, name it.

Yummy, right? 

So, if you care to grab some rolls of it for breakfast or quench your hunger, here is where to find them in the grocery store. We have also listed several stores that sell them.

Which Grocery Store Section are Burritos Found?

Deli section: The first place to check for fresh burritos is the deli area of the grocery store. This is the same place you will find other already-made foods.

Refrigerator section: The next stop is the frozen food section, particularly in the frozen meal and entrees aisle. There, you will see several brands of packaged frozen burritos.

Suppose the store has a section for snacks and appetizers. But if your eyes still can’t catch it, consider checking in any of the stores we have listed below.

List of Grocery stores that sell Burritos near you 


Maybe you are ready for walks, you can get onto Amazon and pick your favorite burrito product. You will find Old El Paso, El Monterey, including vegan burritos like the ones from Alpha Foods and Amy’s.

Whole Foods

You can pick the 365 burritos at Whole Food stores, either beans and cheese or beans and rice mixes. You can also grab Amy’s black beans and vegetable burrito.


Walmart is another store to turn toward if you want to buy a burrito for breakfast. They carry several brands, but you can always pick your favorite product and mixes. El Monterey burritos are some of the ones you can grab.


You will find frozen burrito products at Kroger in the frozen appetizers and snacks aisle. So if you have any of the stores nearby, go in and grab something like El Monterey beef & cheese burritos or the Jose Ole version.


If you are close to any of the Target stores, walk to their frozen meals and entrees aisle and grab some packs of frozen burritos. They have both Amy’s and El Monterey brands.


To find it easily, check the frozen breakfast section of the store. They carry several mixes of the El Monterey brand and beans & beef Tina’s burritos.


If you love chicken cheese or beans & beef ones, Target is a store where you can find them. They carry Jimmy Dean, Amy’s, and El Monterey.


Walk into any Wegmans supermarket, and you will find Wegmans’ organic beans & cheese burritos. In addition, they have other frozen burrito products from Reds and Amy’s Kitchen.


You might love H-E-B’s classic selection burrito or any other products they sell. If HEB is where you love to shop, check it out then.


Costco keeps burritos in the deli area of their grocery stores. They sell several brands too, like Posada and El Monterey.

Mexican restaurants

Burrito is a Mexican delicacy. Most Mexican restaurants will likely have it on their menu. Walk into the one closest to you and grab some rolls.

What makes a good burrito?

If anything precisely qualifies a good burrito, then it falls to the quality of ingredients used. 

Here are some key points to look out for; 

  • Seasoning should be right and not too much.
  • Meat for the burrito should be from the right part—chicken thigh for a chicken burrito and hanger steak for the regular meat.
  • In a good burrito, the tortilla wraps the entire ingredients properly.
  • A decent burrito should have some layer of beans.

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