Where to Find Broccoli in the Grocery Store

Broccoli has the kind of taste most people would describe as “horrid”. But if you look past that horrid taste, there’s a lot more to benefit from it.

Broccoli lowers cholesterol levels and even helps to regulate blood sugar, as well as aid you in maintaining a healthy weight.

If you’d like to add it to your diet, let’s show you where to find broccoli in the grocery store.

What aisle is broccoli found in the grocery store?

Broccoli can be found in the Produce aisle of the grocery store. The Produce aisle is where you’ll find all kinds of vegetable assortments. E.g. Kale, spinach, cabbages, etc.

Vegetables arranged in the Produce aisle of the grocery store

If you don’t find fresh broccoli there, check the Canned goods section. Some stores sell broccoli in jars.

Next, scout the Frozen vegetables section. Some stores keep vegetables in the refrigerator to make them last longer. If all aisles fail you, you can ask a store employee for guidance.

How can I buy broccoli?

You can buy broccoli from the following stores, both online and in-store. Though we’d advise our readers to always buy their fresh vegetables and fruits physically from store outlets:

Local health food store

Local health stores should definitely have broccoli in stock. They house strictly natural vegetables and fruits that promote healthy dieting, so you can check there first for broccoli florets.

Whole Foods Market

It’s one of the leading carriers of organic food items. You certainly won’t find over processed food items there, so broccoli should be in their collection of vegetables. They have plenty in stock, including their own, and even a scrumptious looking broccoli stir fry meal. 


Currently, Amazon is short on fresh broccoli, but you can get the broccoli and kale organic sprout mix, which is a perfect substitute. It has most of the nutrients contained in broccoli sprouts and it lasts for long. You can also try this other organic broccoli sprouts powder.

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Walmart beats Amazon to the broccoli chase, in this round of finding grocery items. It has frozen broccoli and the organic broccoli bunch, along with many others. They’re all available for delivery, so you can order them from the comfort of your home.


Kroger has broccoli in stock. Even better, it has broccoli crowns, if you want nothing to do with the bitter stems. Also, Kroger has its own brand of broccoli you can order for, which is the Kroger broccoli florets.


Meijer also has broccoli crowns and its own steamable Broccoli Cuts, which frankly speaking, are cheaper than Kroger’s broccoli florets. You can go pick it up yourself at the store’s outlets, or you can order for it.


Woolworth has plenty of attractive brands of broccoli, starting from $1. You can easily order them online from the official website.

Trader Joe’s

In the Produce aisle of Trader Joe’s, you’ll find broccoli. They also have some broccoli-based food items and recipes like the cheddar broccoli soup

Unfortunately, you can’t order them online. But every information you need before heading in-store is right there on the website. If you insist on buying Trader Joe’s broccoli florets, you can still get it on Amazon.


Wegmans also has a Produce aisle where broccoli is kept. But if you prefer to order online, it has its own brand of broccoli florets you can order for, which is the French butter and organic broccoli.


Publix has both a Fresh and Frozen produce aisle. You can check there for broccoli florets. Also, they have their own brand of broccoli, If you’re interested enough to try it out.

What is the difference between broccoli and broccoli florets?

It’s all still the same broccoli. “Broccoli florets” is just the term used to describe the flowery part of the broccoli plant.

Most people prefer buying broccoli florets separate, or just buying broccoli and chopping off the stems.

Person cutting stems from broccoli plants

That’s because they believe it’s inedible, but it’s not. In fact, it has more fiber than the florets.

So we’d recommend not discriminating against the poor stems, as all parts of broccoli are nutritious and good for your health.

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