Where to Find Bean Sprouts in the Grocery Store

Bean sprouts are not on our list of favorite grocery items to find in a grocery store. They’re rarities, and also prone to carrying bacteria, despite how scrumptious they look.

That’s why grocery stores don’t stock them, most times. And when they do, chances are that you won’t find many of them. That’s because it’s tricky keeping bean sprouts fresh longer.

But if you really want to know where to find bean sprouts in the grocery store, we can show you where to start searching.

Why can’t I find sprouts in grocery store?

If you can’t find bean sprouts in the grocery store, there are two reasons responsible:

  1. You’re looking in the wrong section.
  2. The store doesn’t have it.

Normally, grocery stores stash their bean sprouts in the Asian section of the International aisle. That’s because bean sprouts are produced in Asia, and are used to cook dishes like noodles with egg, tofu and bean sprouts.

Asian noodle dish with bean sprouts and egg with tofu

When they aren’t there, they’re in the Canned goods aisle. Bean sprouts can come in cans packed with salt and water, or preservatives.

But if you want fresh bean sprouts, try the Produce section. Although your chances of finding them are like spotting a unicorn in the grocery store.

Where can I find fresh bean sprouts?

Many grocery stores like Kroger stopped selling bean sprouts as they’re dangerousBut here are some promising stores you can check for them:


H.E.B has Fresh Mung bean sprouts in stock at a surprisingly cheap price. It also has Polar bean sprouts, which you can add to your cart or shopping list.


Amazon is one of the largest online stores to buy grocery items from. Though it doesn’t sell fresh bean sprouts, you can buy the seeds and kits for growing them in your garden. You can order from the comfort of your couch to anywhere in the world.

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The battle between Walmart and Amazon to determine which retailer wins in the E-commerce space has long been brewing. But we don’t care for all that, that’s why we proudly list both. On Walmart, you can fetch yourself a nice can of La Choy bean sprouts with free shipping. Or you can visit any of Walmart’s outlets to see it for yourself, if you’ve got trust issues with shopping online.

Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market has a produce section where they keep their bean sprouts. If you prefer to order, that option isn’t available for now. But they have the Organic Mung bean sprouts, and this other Premium Mung bean sprouts produced by Nature’s Wonder, available for pick -up at the store outlets.


Sadly, like the rest, Meijer currently doesn’t have an interesting collection of bean sprouts to choose from. However, the available brands are good for cooking. They have the Sun Yun bean sprouts, and their own brand, which is the Meijer bean sprouts. They’re both available for pickup at any of the Meijer stores, and also for delivery.


Presently, Kroger has only one brand of bean sprouts, which is the La Choy bean sprouts. It’s available for pickup and delivery, but not for shipping. 

Trader Joe’s

A lot of food produce have been pulled from Trader Joe’s due to Listeria Scare. Of course, this includes our dear bean sprouts. However, Trader Joe’s has a produce section where they keep fresh vegetables like brussels sprout. If you’re desperate, you can swing by and check for fresh bean sprouts there.

Are bean sprouts dangerous to eat?

Bean sprouts are just as dangerous as other vegetables when they’re not handled properly. They need a warm and humid environment to grow and thrive, which unfortunately, is also what bacteria needs to survive.

Raw Mung bean sprouts

That makes bean sprouts high-risk foods.  Though if you still want to try them out, you should practice food safety measures.

Thoroughly wash your hands before and after handling bean sprouts, and also rinse the sprouts in running water. If you must refrigerate them, keep bean sprouts in a clean refrigerator, preferably at 40° F or below.

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