Where to find barley in a grocery store

Just half a cup of uncooked barley has almost 20 grams of fiber, which assists your body in dropping high cholesterol levels. It’s understandable now why it’s on the list of 43 best high-fiber foods for a healthy diet, and why many people are hunting it down currently.

And you should too! But if you dread going grocery shopping because it always feels like a gruesome chore, we’ve got you covered.

You can get a head-start on finding grocery items from the comfort of your home with the right cheat sheet. We’ll do you one better by letting you in on our trusty secret to finding barley in a grocery store the easy and fast way. 

Where do you find barley in grocery store?

Since barley is a grain product, the first trick to finding it is to start off at the grains section. Most grocery stores have those, so you can be sure to find it stowed on shelves or lined up on the floor.

Another trick to try is to search the baking aisle. Some bakers often incorporate Barley into their wheat flours when whipping up tasty baking recipes for bread.

So sometimes, that’s where to find barley in the grocery store. However, not many people know this. 

A loaf of bread and barley grains on blanket

Well, now that you know, your trip around the grocery store should never leave out the baking aisle. But if all else fails, you can always ask a staff in the store to direct you.

Stores to buy barley from


Walmart’s barley collection is quite small, but you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. You can try out the Nature’s Earthly Choice product for starters.


Amazon’s best rated barley product is the Pearled barley produced by Food To Live. You can find it by using the search bar. You will also get recommendations to other top alternatives.


You can stroll into any walk-in Safeway store to purchase barley brands like the Arrowhead Mills Organic Pearl Barley, or you may decide to order online.


Wegmans has a bulk aisle where you can easily source for barley, and you can also purchase products like Bob’s Mill Red Barley and Goya Barley from the online store.


On the Kroger online store, you can find multiple types of barley like the Quaker Quick Pearled Barley in the Pantry section, most of which Kroger produces by itself.

Trader Joe’s

Here you can get the infamous Trader Joe’s pre-cooked 10 minutes barley, along with the 10 Minutes Farro. But here’s the con. It’s strictly a walk-in store, so there’s no choice for online ordering or delivery. 


Just like Kroger, the Publix store makes its own brand of barley, and also houses other brands like the Quaker Barley Instant Oats.

What if I don’t find barley in these places?

Most times, the more obvious places get the bulk of the attention. You might get to the grain and baking sections only to find out they’re all run out of barley.

When this happens, you’d want to hit less obvious stops like the breakfast aisle. Because it’s got grain-based products like oats, cornflakes and other types of cereals, your chances of finding barley there are pretty fair.

In the worst case scenario, you can scour the soup section as some people use barley to make soups.

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