Where to find Apple Cider in the Grocery Store 

Want to know where Apple cider is kept in the grocery store. Keep reading 

Without wasting much of your time – The first spot to look for is around the fruits and veggies section. 

You must know that depending on the store, the location of the item might be different. Your next stop after the fruits and veggies section in the produce area. 

Some grocery stores place it in the front, not far from the checkout area. 

It’s easy to spot the apple cider when coming through the front door.  

Still haven’t found it? Then it’s time you check the Salad and ketchup aisle. You should find it here as some stores consider Apple cider to an important ingredient for vinaigrettes or salads. 

Finally, if you’ve checked all these areas including the juice section, it’s time you ask for help. Ask the store’s employees what you are looking for and they will point you in the right direction. 

Grocery Stores that sell Apple Cider 

Amazon – it’s perhaps the easiest place to find Apple cider especially if you don’t want to visit the grocery store. The best seller products are from Gummy vitamins, Grove Square, and Nutracure Apple cider. Another great thing is you can buy in bulk and get discounted prices on Amazon. 

Walmart – Walmart is another go-to for top-quality Apple cider. Walmart also boasts a variety of options you can choose from. Another important thing to remember is you should use the store locator on Walmart’s website to ensure they have it before you visit. The most popular options are the extended season apple and Martinelli’s sparkling cider. 

Kroger – Inside Kroger, you will find Apple cider around the cooking oil aisle. If it’s not there call for help from the grocery workers. 

Whole Foods – They have great ciders like the 365 Everyday value organic ginger. Check the website to ensure it’s in stock. 

Safeway – Start with the international aisle if you are looking for cider. The condiments aisle is also a possible hotspot to find it. 

Publix – Publix has the Martinelli’s and the Red Jacket Original Apple cider. These are products that are popular options for buyers. They are usually stored in the cooking oil section. 

Your Local Health Food store – This should be one of your first destinations if you are looking to buy cider. Your local health food store should have Apple cider in stock. 

Wegmans – Wegmans has it branded cider. You will likely find more of their cider brand than from other brands. 

Trader Joe’s –  Trader Joe’s has a large inventory of home stocks among which you will find different Apple cider brands like the Organic Cold-pressed Fuji Apple spiced cider. 

Asian Market – You can find Apple cider as it’s a staple recipe loved by many Asians. Many options are stocked within those shops with bright confetti of lights hanging from the ceiling. 



Depending on the grocery store, the location of Apple cider might be in different locations. Your first stop should be the front of the grocery which you would see when you walk in.

 The second location you might want to check is the Fruits and veggies aisle which is close to the produce area. 

If you are finding it hard, then you should remember to ask the store’s employee. You can’t go wrong with that option. 

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