Where to Find Anchovy Paste in the Grocery Store

There’s something fishy about why people don’t like seafood, and while we may never fully understand it, we’ve come up with a solution.

Fish… but as a paste.

Before you hit that back button, hear us out first.

Anchovy pastes are ground anchovies, with a mix of vinegar, some spices, and a bit of sugar and water. They come in tube form, or sometimes in jars, and are mostly sold at grocery stores.

They also come with all the perks of eating actual fish, but without the gross bits like the smell and taste. 

So if you’re considering giving them a try, here are the possible sections of a grocery store you check. 

Where do you find anchovy paste in store?

First, start with the condiments section because that’s where they stash most artificial products for enhancing food flavor, like tomato paste for example.

On rare occasions, you may find them at the canned good section near the anchovies, as they don’t always come in tubes. So you’ll want to keep an eye out for anchovy pastes in jars.

Roland anchovy paste in jar

You could also check the front area of the grocery store, if you don’t see them in these areas we’ve mentioned. In the worst case scenario, you’ll have to visit another grocery store.

But make sure to ask the store’s employee first, in case you may have missed them.

Some stores where you can buy anchovy paste

We did a little tour of some popular grocery stores, and we were able to find anchovy paste in the following:


Amazon has some unique brands like the Amore Italian Anchovy Paste and the Lusso Vita Anchovy Paste in tubes. If you’d rather have them in jars, you can try Peck’s Anchovette for just $16. Additionally, you can order it online to avoid the stress of beating annoying grocery store frenzy.

Peck's Anchovette 125g (2 Pack)
  • Pack of two, 125 grams (total of 250 grams)
  • Savory Anchovy fish paste spread for snacks and toast
  • Low in fat


Walmart also has them in stock, both online and in their walk-in outlets. It has the Crown Prince Natural Anchovy Paste, as well as the Flott Anchovy Paste. Both come with free delivery, so you don’t have to worry about extra costs. But you’d have to wait 2 days for your order to arrive.


Kroger is another amazing store with a variety of brands in its collection. It has a canned goods section where you can scour for them, or if you prefer, you can always order online. You can check out their Roland Specialty Foods Anchovy Paste, to start with.


Wegmans bolsters its seafood selections with varieties of new products, so you can find anchovy paste among them. Although the store doesn’t really have much on display online, you can check out any of the walk-in branches. They have the DeLallo Anchovy Paste and the Amore Anchovy Paste.


Currently, H.E.B has only one brand, which is the Reese Anchovy Paste. It’s not much of a collection to boast about when you compare it to the other stores. But if you ever were to go on an emergency shopping spree, you should consider it as an option.

Italian stores

Some Italian stores like Supermarket Italy usually have anchovies. Italians normally incorporate them into the food arena as pizza toppings or as part of their sauce recipes, so you could find Anchovy paste there. At Supermarket Italy, you can order for the Cento Anchovy paste, or you can check out other alternatives like Eataly.


Safeway has an international aisle and a condiments section, both of which you can check. There’s also the option for ordering online and having it brought to your doorstep.

The real truth: Does anchovy paste taste fishy?

No. As a matter of fact, it’s the ingredient-in-a-tube that’ll make all your food taste better without actually tasting like fish.

Regular anchovies have a pungent odor not everyone likes in their food. But the pastes dissolve completely into oil when you fry them, blending with other ingredients.

So your end result is a smooth savory flavor. You can use them as part of your salad dressing, as meat rub or in your tomato sauce.

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