Grocery stores that sell stamps

Nothing beats the feeling of receiving handwritten letters. Sadly, not many people write letters the old fashioned way anymore. But you can bet that the postage stamps to mail those letters still exist.

Postage stamps

So if you ever decide to pick up a pen and write that special someone a thoughtful letter, we can show you where to buy stamps.

Do grocery stores sell postage stamps?

Most grocery stores sell stamps, along with envelopes and other writing materials.

Unfortunately, they only sell in bulk booklets, so your chances of buying a single stamp are pretty low.

Usually, the cashier at the Checkout area of the store is the best person to ask for stamps. 

Cashier at the checkout area of the grocery store

But you can also find them at the Cigarette kiosk, if the store has one.

Where can I buy stamps besides the post office?

If you’re looking for where to buy stamps, here are some grocery stores you can check:


Amazon has almost everything you can think of buying, and it’s one of the cheapest places to get stamps. Currently, Amazon has the best-selling Garden Beauty stamps and the Barn Postcard Forever postage stamps. You can order for them online and save yourself the stress of going to the store outlets.

USPS Garden Beauty (Booklet of 20) Postage Forever Stamps Self-Stick First Class Wedding Celebration Anniversary Flower Party 2021 Scott #5558-5567
  • Brand new book of 20 forever self-stick postage stamps
  • 10 flowers stamp designs are pictured (two stamps each)
  • Forever stamps will always be equal to the current First-Class Mail one-ounce price
  • Perfect for weddings, celebrations, holidays, and regular mail
  • Valid for postage or perfect for collecting
Barn POSTCARD Forever Postage Stamps US Postal American History, Wedding, Celebration, Anniversary (Roll of 100 Stamps)
  • Please NOTE these are self adhesive POSTCARD stamps. You will need to use TWO of these stamps to mail a standard, 1 ounce letter, pay a bill by mail, etc. It will take ONE stamp to mail a postcard.
  • These stamps will be good forever for the POSTCARD rate, which is lower than the First Class rate even if the postcard rate is increased in the future.
  • If you use ONE stamp to mail a standard 1 ounce letter, there is a chance the post office will RETURN your mail undelivered. Please use TWO of these stamps to mail a standard, 1 ounce letter.
  • Issued in a roll of 100 that does fit standard stamp roll dispensers.


Walmart sells stamps at the customer service desk in most of its outlets. You can buy them in booklets of 20 stamps or as a coil of 100 stamps. 


Kroger also sells stamps and you can get them at the checkout counter. So just ask the cashier for them. They also have scales for calculating if your letter or package has enough postage before delivery.


Costco has a wide selection of stamps, and they usually offer great discounts for them since you’re buying in bulk. 

You can find them at the checkout area, but unlike the other stores, you’ll need to have a Costco membership plan to be able to buy stamps. 

That’s going to cost between $60 to $120, depending on the plan you choose.


Safeway stamps are kept at the register or checkout area. The prices for the stamps are basically the same as the United States Post Offices. You can use the Safeway store locator on the online platform to find an outlet near you.

You might also need a membership card to buy stamps, but it’s best to ask the store employee or call to make inquiries.


Meijer sells stamps, and they’re kept at the checkout or cashier area, so you don’t need to go deep into the stores. The store also offers postage services. However, it doesn’t accept credit cards for such services, so you’ll need to go with cash. 


Walgreens has stamps, and they usually go for 55 cents per stamp. There are over 8000 Walgreen stores cleverly spread out in  the USA, so your chances of finding a store near you are high. You can stop by any of them and check around the cashier’s desk.


Is there a cheaper way to buy stamps?

There’s a cheaper way to buy stamps, and it’s on Amazon.

Amazon has multiple variations of stamps you can buy, and they all come at affordable prices to suit your budget.

There’s also the ease of delivery, as you don’t need to leave your home to buy the stamps. 

Can you cash in stamps?

Most grocery stores or post offices don’t allow the return of stamps for cash.

Your best bet at cashing in your stamps is to contact a postage broker or buyer.

Postage brokers are people who offer to buy your unused postage stamps for a portion of their face value.

Are old stamps worth money?

Old stamps are worth a lot of money if they were issued before 1960.

The country of issuance also contributes to how valuable the stamps are.

But overall, you’ll need to ensure that the stamps are in pristine condition, and then contact a Specialist valuation expert to determine the value.

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