Grocery Stores That Sell Protein Powder + Aisles to Find Them in

Protein powders, as the name implies, are powders concentrated with protein. The protein can come from soybeans, peas, brown rice, potatoes, eggs, or even milk.

Oftentimes, they’re mixed with other ingredients like sugar, artificial flavoring, thickeners, vitamins and minerals. Protein is essential for muscle building, tissue repair, and the production of hormones and important enzymes for digestion.

It also helps in weight loss, and if you’re interested in buying it, we’ll show you where to buy protein powder for cheap prices.

What aisle is protein powder in?

Protein powder can be found in the Health and wellness aisle. It’s where supplements and other products for healthy living are kept. 

It’s important to note that most grocery stores have different layouts, and they change frequently. So it’s best if you ask any of the store employees for proper direction.

But you read our guide on the different sections of a grocery store to get a better sense of how the aisles are arranged.

Where to buy protein powder for cheap prices

You can buy protein powder online or at most Health food supermarkets. If you’re mostly looking for where to buy protein powder for cheap prices, here’s a short list stores with best price offers:


Amazon is one of the largest online stores worldwide, so your chances of finding protein powder there are pretty high. It’s got a wide range of organic protein powder, and here are our top picks:

Body Fortress Whey Protein Powder, 60g Protein and 12g BCAA's (per 2 scoops), Chocolate, 5 Lb.
5 lb container of Body Fortress Chocolate Super Advanced Whey Protein Powder. 60 grams of protein and 12 grams of BCAA’s every two scoop serving - helping you train harder and rebuild lean muscle faster.
Orgain Organic Vegan Protein Powder, Vanilla Bean - 21g of Plant Based Protein, Low Net Carbs, Gluten Free, Lactose Free, No Sugar Added, Soy Free, Kosher, Non-GMO, 2.03 Lb
21 grams of organic plant based protein (pea, brown rice, chia seeds), 2 grams of organic dietary fiber, low net carbs, 0 grams of added sugar, 150 calories per serving. USDA organic, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, lactose free, low net carbs, no added sugar, soy free, kosher, non GMO, carrageenan free, and no artificial ingredients.
MusclePharm Combat Protein Powder, 5 Protein Blend, Chocolate Milk, 4.1 Pounds, 52 Servings
5 Protein sources: our isolate Whey powder contains 25 g of protein from 5 unique protein sources. They include Both fast- and slow-digesting proteins, fueling muscles and delivering performance for hours.


Walmart also has some nice selections of protein powder brands in stock. E.g. Garden of Life raw organic protein powder. You can find it in Aisle C11, which is the Health and Wellness section. But the aisle arrangements in Walmart stores won’t all be the same. Use the online store locator on the website to find the correct aisle in your location.


Kroger has a health food section where protein powder brands like the Pure Protein low fat Whey brand are shelved. You can check the online store to know which brands are available for pickup or delivery. The online store locator will also tell you the correct aisle to find the protein powders.

Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s sells organic pea protein powder, and it comes in 2 varieties:

  • Unsweetened.
  • Vanilla-flavored.

Unfortunately, Trader Joe’s won’t do delivery or pickup during this pandemic. So you’d have to head in-store to pick them up, or use grocery delivery services like Instacart.

Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods is popular for being the best place to buy purely organic and diet-friendly food items. Like Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods Market doesn’t have the option for delivery on the online store. So you’d have to use a delivery service or head out to any of the outlets.


The General Nutrition Company (GNC) specializes in the trade of clinically tested dietary supplements. It definitely has protein powder in stock. 

But if you’re strict about artificial flavoring in your diet, then you may want to avoid their Whey protein powder. It’s got traces of soy and artificial sweeteners in it.


Meijer is another great choice to get food items at cheap prices. For as low as $16.99, you can buy protein powder brands like Body Fortress.

You can check for it at the Health and Beauty care & Over the counter section (HBC OTC / Aisle 0). Alternatively, you can use Meijer’s Find-it app or the online store locator to find the correct aisle in your region.


Should I be taking protein powder?

Protein is important for repairing and rebuilding muscles in your body, especially after intense exercise. That’s why most people drink protein shakes and powders after their workout sessions.

That being said, it boils down to a matter of choice as you don’t really need protein powder. You can even substitute it with eggs, beans, milk and Cotija cheese.

When should you drink protein powder?

If you decide to buy protein powder after all, it’s best if you drink it 15-20 minutes after you’ve had a good workout.

This is because protein powders contain calories, which can make it difficult to lose weight if you drink them without working out or before working out.

Drinking protein powder after exercise will suppress your appetite and supply your body with the nutrition it needs to burn fat.

What are the side effects of taking protein powder?

High consumption of whey protein powder can cause the following symptoms:

  • Intense bowel movements.
  • Nausea.
  • Thirst.
  • Stomach cramps & bloating.
  • Reduced appetite.
  • Fatigue & headache.

To prevent all that, only take 1 to 2 scoops of about 25 to 50 grams of protein powder. Or better still, consult the serving instructions that come with the protein powder product to purchase.

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