Grocery stores that sell peppermint oil

Peppermint oil is obtained from peppermint leaves, and is often used for cleansing the skin, curing headaches, muscle aches, joint pain, and even itching. 

Peppermint oil is also used for aromatherapy. Aromatherapists use it to treat coughs and colds, reduce pain, improve mental function, and eliminate stress.

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If you want to know where to buy peppermint oil, keep scrolling and we’ll show you all the prominent stores to check.

What aisle would peppermint oil be in?

Peppermint oil sells under other name variations like, “peppermint essential oil”, and you can find it in the Health and Beauty/Vitamins Department.

That’s where you’ll find over-the-counter medicine that doesn’t need prescriptions like in the pharmacy. 

It is usually set up right next to the pharmacy, although most store layouts differ.

But you can read our guide on the different sections of a grocery store to get a better sense of store layouts. 

Note that peppermint oil is not the same as peppermint extract, which is a more flavored solution and is commonly mixed with other ingredients.

Here’s an article explaining what the difference between peppermint oil and peppermint extract is.

Where can I purchase pure peppermint oil?

If you’re looking for where to buy peppermint oil at the best price rates and quality, then check out the following stores:


Amazon has a broad range of peppermint oil brands, and happens to be one of the largest online stores worldwide.

We perused through its fine list of products, and arrived at picking our top 3 best brands of peppermint oil to buy on Amazon:

Handcraft peppermint essential oil 

Handcraft peppermint essential oil product

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Brooklyn Botany Peppermint Essential Oil

Brooklyn Botany peppermint essential oil product

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Artizen peppermint essential oil

Artizen peppermint essential oil product

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Like Amazon, Walmart has a nice and wide collection of peppermint oil brands. The GuruNanda peppermint essential oil is rumored to be the best brand in their inventory. Although it’s for topical use (for skin) only, so avoid consuming it.


Kroger sells popular brands like Now Foods organic peppermint oil selling for $12.99.

You can use Kroger’s online store locator to get info on the correct store aisle and purchase options available.

Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market is the number one source of organic and diet-friendly food items. Their 365 Everyday Value offers popular and undiluted essential oils like eucalyptus, sweet orange, and even rosemary oils.


Sprouts also has some interesting varieties of peppermint oil and is rumored to be Whole Foods Market’s closest rival. We’ll let you read our thoughts on the Sprouts vs Whole Foods comparison to decide which store is better.


Meijer is where to buy peppermint oil if you’re looking for the cheapest price deals.

You can get the Now Foods organic peppermint oil for as low as $7.99, which is way less than you’d get at Kroger.

You should be able to find it at the Health and Beauty department/Over-the-counter section. Using the online store locator should tell you the exact aisle to find it in your area.


Safeway sells peppermint oil, as well as other oils like cinnamon oil, oregano oil, and tea tree oil. You can check the online store for details on the purchase options.


Who should not use peppermint oil?

People with the G6PD deficiency should not use peppermint oil.

The reason is because the main components of peppermint oil are menthol and menthone. 

A study revealed that menthol can induce hemolysis and massive cardiac and kidney edema in people with G6PD deficiency.

If you’re also on any kind of medication, it’s best to seek the counsel of a doctor first before proceeding to use peppermint oil along with your drugs. 

Is peppermint oil good for pain?

Peppermint oil contains menthol and anti-inflammatory properties, which helps to relieve muscles in your body from pain. 

It’s important to note that %100 peppermint products come undiluted, so you should always mix it up with some Aloe Vera gel before applying it on your skin.

Alternatively, you can use coconut oil.

What are the side effects of peppermint?

Peppermint has been known to cause the following side effects:

  • Heartburn
  • Dry mouth
  • Vomiting & nausea

Always consult a doctor or pharmacist for proper directions on how to use peppermint oil.

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