Where to Buy Cheesecloth in the Grocery Store? [Aisles to Check]

Do you need to make cheese but can’t find Cheesecloth in the grocery store? 

With this handy guide, we will walk you to the aisles where you can get it.

As the name implies, Cheesecloth is a lightweight, cotton gauze fabric used to drain and wrap curds during the cheese-making process. Aside from making cheese, it is also used as a filter in other food preparation procedures.

Cheesecloth is available in two primary forms:

coarse and fine woven. So when you find one, make sure it is what you want.

Which Grocery Store Aisle is Cheesecloth in?

You will find Cheesecloth in the cooking gadgets and kitchen supplies aisle of the cooking section. So, naturally, that’s the first spot you would want to check.

Meanwhile, Cheesecloth is not an everyday item that most grocery stores stock. So if you cannot find it, even in the sewing aisle, you will have to visit the nearest fabric store for it.

Alternatively, the easiest way to find Cheesecloth is to go online. You will likely get the product in yards from online craft and fabric retailers.

You might find our store guide below helpful. 

Grocery Stores that sell Cheesecloth


You can order Cheesecloth on Amazon from the comfort of your home. The online retail store carries several products of varying sizes and grades—for example, Olicity, Sceng grade 90, and much more.


Walk into the Walmart store in your area. You will find Dritz and Nature Desires brands in the kitchen tools and gadgets section. But before you head out, you could use their online store locator to be sure the item is available in your store.


Target is another great spot to find cheesecloths of different grades and sizes. So if you have any close, you could go in and look in the kitchen supplies section for Zulay and Natural Home reusable Cheesecloth.

Whole Foods

Is Whole Foods Market your nearest grocery store? you will likely find some yards of Cheesecloth for your cheese. They carry Majestic Chef and If You Care brands.


If Safeway supermarket is where you love to shop, you will find the item packaged as If You Care and Good Cook. Also, look in their kitchen gadget and supplies aisle.


Albertsons supermarket is the next place you would want to check for some yards of Cheesecloth. Olicity and If You Care unbleached cotton cheesecloths are what you might find.

Home Depot

Home Depot store is popularly known to supply home tools, appliances, and gadgets. It is a place to walk into if you have one nearby. They sell HDX and SuperTuff brands of Cheesecloth.


At Kroger, you can get Kitchenmate, If You Care, and Gourmet cheesecloths. You can get any of these brands when you visit a Kroger walk-in. 


What are cheesecloth substitutes?

If you do not have or couldn’t get Cheesecloth anywhere, you could use any of the following as an alternative:

  • Muslin
  • Cotton fiber
  • A clean sock
  • Coffee filter
  • Medical gauze
  • Paper towel

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