Where is Tumeric Roots in the Grocery Store?

Not every grocery store sells turmeric roots. Instead, most of them carry the powdered form of spice.

But for the stores that carry it, we’ll reveal them as you read further. 

Turmeric is a popular food spice. It has a bright yellow color, a feature that makes it stand out while sitting on store shelves.

Aside from the taste and flavor it adds to foods. In addition, it has been linked with some health benefits. So, let’s help you find it in the store.

Which Grocery Store Aisle is Turmeric Root in?

The first aisle to check for turmeric roots is the produce aisle. It is usually placed close to other fresh spices like ginger and onions.

When you can’t find the fresh option in your grocery store, you might want to consider checking the spice section for the dried ground form.

Which stores sell turmeric roots?

These stores listed below carry turmeric roots. If you can, walk into any of them and get some of it.


Walmart is an excellent place to begin your hunt for turmeric roots. They usually carry wild organic turmeric roots from Fiji. So, walk into your local Walmart store, and you’ll likely find it.

Whole Foods

Over time, Whole Foods Market has proven to be one of the best stores to find fresh foods, including turmeric fingers. They sell organic turmeric and the Eco branded option.


If Kroger is what you have nearby, kindly check their produce aisle for branded turmeric roots like Melissa’s.


Albertsons supermarket is another store where you’ll find fresh turmeric. In their produce aisle, you’ll find the Melissa’s and other packaged turmeric roots.


Do you like to shop at Safeway stores? You will find fresh turmeric fingers packaged in aerated plastic containers. In addition, they sell products like Melissa’s and Marjon.


You can stop by any Publix supermarket and check their produce aisle for Marjon and Leasa branded fresh turmeric.


Amazon is a broad marketplace. You can find virtually anything, including turmeric roots. So place an order from the comfort of your home for fresh organic turmeric.

Public markets

If you can’t find turmeric roots in the above stores, your next hit should be your local public market if you have a farmers’ market, good!

Look for those that sell fresh spices like onion, ginger, garlic bulbs, vegetables, etc.; you’ll probably find it.

Ethnic markets

Asian and Caribbean markets are where you will likely find turmeric roots. But, generally, you’ll find this item in any market where they sell products from across the world.


Which is better, fresh or powdered turmeric?

Unlike fresh ones, powdered turmeric stores longer. It is also easier to introduce dried turmeric in different recipes.

However, fresh turmeric retains more root nutrients but is more difficult to use.

So, it all depends on what you want, maybe at a particular time.

What different ways can I use fresh turmeric?

Generally, you use turmeric roots to spice up your dishes. Here are interesting ways you can introduce it in your recipes:

  • Pickle sliced turmeric or you can add it to soup
  • Grate it and add it to egg dishes like omelets, egg salad, and scrambled egg
  • Use fresh turmeric in grain dishes like rice and lentil
  • Grated turmeric roots can be used in a marinade for fish, chicken, and vegetables
  • Combine honey, Grated black pepper, and grated turmeric to make turmeric tea.

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