Where is Pesto in the Grocery Store

Pesto is as Italian as it gets. Pesto all Genovese (don’t bite your tongue) is an Italian cuisine made from pine nuts, basil leaves, crushed garlic, cheese, and blended with olive oil. It’s a healthy addition to any diet and packs a punch of flavors that will make your taste buds dance. 

Where do you find Pesto in the grocery store, and which aisle is it stored? 

The first stop is the pasta aisle. Yes, both share an Italian origin, and it’s no surprise they are in the same section. Pesto is stored in transparent jars or plastic trays, and they mostly sit on the top shelves. 

If it’s not available in the pasta aisle, check the healthy food section and refrigerator area for fresh Pesto. 


Grocery Stores that Sell Pesto 



Amazon has a wide range of almost anything you will need, including Pesto. In fact, they have many varieties, from the seggiano fresh basil to Cucina & Amore Genovese basil pesto, and much more. Amazon also allows for easy online shopping with door-to-door delivery. 


There are several pesto brands you can get from Walmart. Of course, the customer choice is the classic signature recipe based on the reviews and ratings—other options like the Mezzetta basil pesto, knorr sauce mix pesto are available too. Yes, Walmart supports online shopping, and they also have an online locater on their website that allows you to check the availability and price of the product you want to buy. 

Whole foods market 

The whole foods market should be your first stop if you are looking for organic food. They also have the basil amond brand, Genovese, and artichoke Pesto. 


Safeway has Pesto stashed in the pasta and sides aisle next to the grains. There are many brands like the Buitoni basil, Rana pasta sauce, and Rana pasta sauce. 


Kroger keeps its Pesto in the pasta and food section. They have varieties of pesto brands to choose from. 


Target has walk-in and online stores where you can buy Pesto. They also have Pesto in the pasta, and it’s easy to locate it on the upper shelves. 


Publix has Pesto stored in the pasta and grain aisle. The Amore pesto and the Legnano’s Pesto are some of the popular brands you will find on the shelves. 


Meijer has the Buitoni pesto with basil, barilla rustic basil, classic signature recipes in their walk in-store and online. 

 King Soopers

You can find Pesto from any walk-in king scoopers store, or a better option is to order online from the comfort of your home. 


Pesto is an Italian recipe and it’s a mouthful. It packs a punch of savory flavors that blends well with many dishes especially pasta. If you can’t afford the ready made product, you can do it yourself.

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