Where is Evaporated Milk in the Grocery Store?

Grocery stores are huge and looking for a product could be overwhelming. Especially if you’ve tried finding evaporated milk in the grocery store. 

Below you will find some aisles where you should check. 

Which Grocery Store Aisle is Evaporated Milk in? 

The first place to look for evaporated milk is in the grocery section. However, many stores keep them in the aisle across the cookie and tea section. 

Some grocery stores even have an aisle dedicated to milk. The next time you go to the baking section chances are you won’t find milk there. 

If the search is becoming rather futile, ask for assistance from one of the employees. They would be happy to point out the location you can find it. 

Stores to buy Evaporated Milk 

Not sure where you can find evaporated milk? Here are some places to get it; 

Amazon – Amazon has a large inventory of different milk products. For buyers that buy in bulk, you stand higher chances of a discount than in your local food store. Some popular brands of milk on Amazon are; Nestle carnation, Pet Evaporated, Nature’s charm, Nestle Nido and so much more. 

Costco – Don’t bother looking in the baking section, cause you will not find milk sitting on the shelf. Walk straight to the Coffee and tea section. 

Kroger – The most popular milk in Kroger is the Nestle carnation. It is kept in the baking or tea section. They also have varieties of products to choose from. 

Sprouts Farmers Market – Inside Sprouts farmers market you will find evaporated milk in the baking aisle

Local Food Store –  You don’t have to drive far if the grocery store is far from you. You can find it in your local food store as well. Evaporated milk is common and you won’t find it hard finding one around your vicinity. 

Target – Target stocks evaporated milk in the baking section

Walmart –  Inside Walmart, there’s a section specifically milk, opposite the cookies section. 


The setting of every store differs. And it’s likely that some grocery stores have different sections to keep evaporated milk. Most often than not, you will find it in the baking section or coffee/tea section. 

If you can’t find it, don’t walk out yet. Ask the help of the grocery employee to point you in the right direction. 

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