Where is Evaporated Milk in the Grocery Store?

Grocery stores are spacious. Looking for a particular product can be overwhelming, sometimes. If that product is evaporated milk in this case, then you will find the right aisles to check below. 

Which Grocery Store Aisle is Evaporated Milk in? 

The first place to look for evaporated milk is in the breakfast section. Many stores keep them stocked on shelves that also carry cookie and tea brands. If your goal is to use the milk for breakfast, then that’s where you need to go.

Some grocery stores even have an aisle dedicated to milk. Another aisle to check is the baking section as evaporated milk is often used in baking for a creamy and rich taste. 

It’s important to note that these aisles and sections change over time. This is a marketing strategy grocery stores to sell products faster, especially those that don’t get enough visibility.

If your search yields no results, ask for assistance from a store employees. They would point you in the right direction or get it for you.

Does Amazon Sell Evaporated Milk?


Amazon has a large inventory of different milk products. For buyers that buy in bulk, you stand higher chances of a discount than in your local food store. Some popular brands of milk on Amazon are the Nestle Carnation, Pet Evaporated, and Nature’s Charm. 

CARNATION Lactose Free Milk Tetra 8x11oz
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Baker's Corner Evaporated Milk with Vitamin D Added Canned Milk - 2 Cans (12 oz)
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  • Vitamin D added
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Other Stores that Sell Evaporated Milk

  • Costco: Don’t bother looking in the baking section. You won’t find evaporated milk there. Instead, walk straight to the Coffee and tea section.
  • Kroger: The most popular milk in Kroger is the Nestle carnation. It is kept in the baking or tea section. They also have varieties of products to choose from.
  • Sprouts Farmers Market: You will find evaporated milk in the baking aisle.
  • Local Food Store: Though they are unpopular, you can always find one near you.
  • Target: Target stocks evaporated milk in the baking section.
  • Walmart: there is a section specifically for milk. It is opposite the cookies section. You can also order for it online. Walmart has home delivery and curbside pickup options available.


The layout of every store changes constantly. So most grocery stores would have different sections to keep evaporated milk.

But most times, you will find it in the baking section or coffee or tea section since milk is a common breakfast item. You can mix it with your cereal or in your cup of tea.

If you can’t find it, don’t be so quick to walk out of the store. Ask for directions from any employee on duty. They know the store better than you, and so are in the best position to help you. Some stores even have a map placed in the store or an app containing the location of the different aisles.

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