Where is Barley in the Grocery Store?

Barley is a food that most people love and enjoy. Maybe because of the health benefits that come with it or the several ways you can tweak it in cuisines.

Back to the topic at hand; 

This post will be helpful if you are wondering where to find Barley in the grocery store. We will also tell you the different stores that carry it.

Which Grocery Store Aisle is Barley in?

The first place to spot Barley is with the grains. That is the same aisle where you will find rice and beans. It sits next to other grain and cereal blends.

Another spot to find this item is the soup aisle. Since Barley is a popular ingredient for homemade soup and stew, grocery stores place it in that aisle for easier access. Also, look closely at the area surrounding the soup aisle.

Your next hit would be the bulk section, especially when buying in bulk. It is most likely for your store to keep Barley in the bulk bin if they have them.

It is also common for grocery stores to place Barley in the breakfast aisle with oats. 

The baking aisle would be your last stop. Yes, the baking aisle. Remember that Barley is used in baking homemade bread. Some stores leverage this and place Barley close to other baking essentials like cornmeal and flour.

Depending on the store, you will likely find the location of Barley different from another store.  Grocery stores usually change their layouts, here’s why

If it’s been a hell of trouble finding it, you can check any of these stores described below.

Grocery stores that sell Barley


As one of the biggest online stores, Amazon has various brands of Barley. So from the comfort of your home, you can order your favorite brand. Available on Amazon are some brands like Bob’s Red Mill, Barry Farm hulled Barley, among others.


Walmart also presents you with the opportunity to find Barley easily. Like Amazon, they carry various brands, allowing you to make your choice.

If you are not sure of any Walmart around you, use their online store locator to find the one nearest to you. They have Goya, Great Value, and Bob’s Red Mill barley products.

Whole Foods Market

You can buy virtually any food at Whole Food stores. So if you love to shop there or are close to any, check them out. They also carry many packaged brands like 365 Organic and Bob’s Red Mill.

Trader Joe’s

Close to any Trader Joe’s supermarket? Go in and get the Trader Joe’s branded 10 Minute Barley.


Kroger sells Kroger Pearl Barley. You will also find other products like Quaker, ArrowHead, Bob’s Red Mill, and Shiloh Farms.


You will find barley products at Wegmans stores like Goya and Bob’s Red Mill. So if you are close to any of the stores, check the aisles as we’ve described above.


Safeway supermarket also presents itself as one of the stores that sell Barley. So you can grab some products like Bob’s Red Mill and Arrowhead. There’s also Quaker for those that prefer quick Barley.


Publix carries its brand of pearled Barley and other packaged barley products.


What different way can I use Barley?

Aside from its use as animal fodder and industrial use as a source of malt for alcoholic beverages, Barley is used at home to make different dishes.

  • It is commonly used in homemade soup and stew, as it provides a chewy texture and wholesome satisfaction.
  • Barley is also an essential ingredient in veggie burgers.
  • Instead of bulgur or rice, Barley is used as a salad grain.
  • Instead of oats, barley flakes are breakfast porridge
  • A mix of barley flour and wheat flour gives baked goods a unique taste

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