Where Is Agave Nectar in the Grocery Store?

Agave nectar, also called maguey syrup, is a sweetener that has so many culinary applications. It is an everyday item that you can find in many grocery stores.

However, if you are not sure where to find it, then this guide will be of great help to you. Here are the different aisles to check for agave nectar in the grocery store.

Which Grocery Store Aisle can I find Agave Nectar?

The first place to check for agave nectar is the baking aisle. You will likely find it by the sugars or alternative sweeteners. Also, check the natural food section. 

Some grocery stores also carry agave syrup in the condiment and cereal aisle. You will probably find it in the same place with honey or maple syrup.

Your last hit for this item in the grocery store is the cocktail mixes aisle. But if you still cannot find it, you might want to consider checking any of the stores listed below.

Which grocery store sells agave nectar syrup?


One of the best places to get agave nectar is Amazon. From the plethora of products to choose from, to lower prices compared to what you might get in the supermarkets. Amazon has various agave nectar products like Madhava, Monin, Now Foods, and Kirkland.


You can also stop by any Walmart store and check their baking aisle for agave nectar products like Agave in the Raw and Madhava. You will 

indeed, find many products if you walk through the aisle.


You will find products like Good & Gather and Tres Agaves Organic at Target stores. When you walk into the store, check-in the sweetener section of the baking aisle.

Whole Foods

Whole Foods is another store that carries agave nectar syrup. You will likely find products like 365 Raw and Light Agave Nectar, Wholesome Blue Organic Agave, and Madhava in their baking aisle.


Aldi carries Simply Nature agave nectar syrup in their baking aisle. You can also check in their cocktail mixes aisle for similar products.


Kroger is another grocery store to buy agave nectar syrup. Woolworths carry the Simple Truth, Madhava, Monin, and Organic Agave in the baking section. You can find them in the baking, and the cocktail mixes aisles.


Check Safeway’s sweetener section of the baking aisle for agave nectar products like C&H Blue Organic agave nectar, Madhava, O Organics Blue Organic agave nectar.


Maybe you are closer to a Publix store, kindly walk through their baking and cocktail mixes aisles for agave nectar products. They have Master of Mixes, Tres Agaves, Madhava, and Greenwise Amber Agaves.


In what ways can you use agave nectar syrup?

Agave nectar syrup is used in many cuisines and drinks:

  • It is used as a sweetener in cold drinks like a cocktail and iced tea
  • It can go into any baking, be it bread, cake, or cookies as a sweetener
  • If the salad is too tangy, you can add a sweetener like agave nectar to give it a sweet feel.
  • Agave nectar can be used out of the bottle for topping French toasts and pancakes

What are agave nectar syrup alternatives?

In place of agave nectar syrup, you can use products like:

  • Maple syrup
  • Coconut nectar
  • Blackstrap molasses
  • Stevia
  • Brown rice syrup

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