Where can you Buy Coconut Cream in the Grocery Store? [Aisles to Check]

Do you hope to throw in some coconut cream in your dishes but still can find it in the grocery store?

We will show the specific aisles you will check and the different stores that carry the product across the country.

Coconut cream is a thick, creamy product made from coconut milk. It is a crucial kitchen ingredient commonly used to upgrade the taste and richness of diets.

Whether you want to use it in desserts, dips, or sauces, let’s help you find it.

Which Grocery Store Aisle is Coconut Cream?

The first place in the grocery store to find coconut cream is the canned foods and vegetable aisle. Be careful, so you do not mistake coconut milk for it. The former is only a viscous liquid, while coconut cream has a consistency of a thick syrup.

Another spot you should check is the international aisle; they place foods from different parts of the world. You will probably find it among Mexican or Asian products.

Some grocery stores place coconut cream in the cocktail mixes and the natural/organic foods aisles. So you might want to check there before you head out.

Which Stores Sell Coconut Cream?


Shopping on Amazon seems to be a convenient thing to do. If you consider it that way too, you might want to check out some products like Thai Kitchen Unsweetened coconut cream, Kara, and Native Forest organic.


You might choose to walk into the nearest Walmart supermarkets or make your order from their website. Like Amazon, Walmart carries various brands of coconut cream, including Thai Kitchen unsweetened cream. Kara natural cookout cream, among others.


Kroger is another major store where you can find various brands of coconut cream. If you have any stores close to you, kindly check their international aisle for Thai Kitchen and Goya. Check the drink mixes and the diary sections also.

Trader Joe’s

Just as in many food items, Trader Joe’s have their brand. If you are a fan, you can get Trader Joe’s Organic Organic coconut cream.


If Safeway is where you love to shop, you can stop by and get any of the products that they carry. For example, their canned foods aisle is stocked with products like Coco Lopez and Arroy-D.

Whole Foods Market

At the Whole Foods supermarkets, you will find unsweetened coconut cream products. These include the 365 Organic by Whole Foods, Native Forest, and Let’s Do Organic.


Is Publix your nearest grocery store? Check their canned food aisle for Coco Lopez, Goya Cream of coconut, and Thai Kitchen.

ASDA Groceries

ASDA carries more coconut milk than cream. So instead, check their food cupboard for canned coconut cream products like Blue Elephant and Pataks.


Tesco carries their Tesco branded coconut cream and other products like Groovy Food, Kara, and Pride coconut cream.


Like most other large grocery stores, Albertsons offers some coconut cream brands to choose from. You will likely find these products in their international aisle or the canned food section.

Asian Markets

If you have any Asian markets nearby, you will likely find coconut cream to buy.


What are the uses of coconut cream?

It serves as a vegan dairy substitute. Therefore, it is used to enrich the taste and improve the flavor of dairy-free and vegan dishes.

You can make vegan ice cream with or use it as vegan whipped cream for cake filling and icing.

What are coconut cream substitutes?

You can choose to use coconut milk, heavy whipping cream, Greek yogurt, or nut butter instead of coconut cream. However, the consistency and taste will not precisely match.


Finally, if you’ve read thus far, It my believe that you know where to find Coconut Cream in the Grocery Store. We’ve also written interesting articles on where to find other Grocery Store items.

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