Where to Find Breadcrumbs in The Grocery Store? 

Breadcrumbs, where can I find it in the grocery store? 

I’ve written everything thing you need to know about aisles and sections you can find breadcrumbs in grocery stores. I’ve also added a section to help buyers know stores to find breadcrumbs.

Without further ado; 


The potential locations you will find breadcrumb is in the baking aisle. The spice aisle is another likely position you’ll find it.  

Breadcrumbs are stocked in the bread aisle as well. Depending on the breadcrumb type, you might find the Italian style in the pasta section or the panko breadcrumbs in the Asian section. 

Some Popular Types of Breadcrumbs 

Panko – The Panko breadcrumbs are traditionally Asian although the term is coined loosely from a Portuguese word Pan meaning bread, and the Japanese word “ko” meaning made from. So there you have it, made from bread. 

Italian – The Italian breadcrumbs are regular breadcrumbs with Italian seasonings like basil and oregano. 

Basic breadcrumbs – this is the regular breadcrumb you see. It can be made with any bread from whole grain, French, gluten-free, whole wheat, etc. 

Stores you can find Breadcrumb 

Below are some grocery stores you can find different kinds of breadcrumbs; 

Amazon –  On Amazon, you will find all the different kinds of breadcrumbs. It’s one place you can run out of options. The varieties include Panko, Italian, whole wheat breadcrumbs, etc. 

Whole Foods – Inside wholefoods, the common breadcrumb is the 365 everyday value panko bread crumbs and other Italian and regular breadcrumbs. 

Kroger – Kroger boasts of varieties of breadcrumbs, you will find it in the spice section. This depends on the store you visit. 

Safeway – The spot to look for breadcrumbs in Safeway is the baking aisle. They have different styled options. 

Walmart – Walmart is another go-to for any breadcrumb you want. Check out the baking aisle and the spice section. 

ASDA – ASDA sells panko styled breadcrumbs and the southern style fried.


How to know if breadcrumbs have gone bad? 

As it is with things we eat, the question begs – Does it go bad? 

First of all,what you need to know is – breadcrumbs when sealed and stored properly will last for long. 

But when moisture gets into the package, you will start noticing some signs of mold and the breadcrumbs rolling into a ball-like shape. 

Take it out and sniff it. Notice any change in aroma? If the smell from when you bought it has changed, it is likely that it has gone bad. 


Finding items in a grocery store is like a rat in a maze, if you don’t know where to look for them. You will just stand dumbfounded after walking down many aisles. 

You can find breadcrumbs in the baking or spice section. If you can’t, don’t hesitate to ask an employee where you can find it. 

Tip: Always ask questions, no one knows it all. It’s easier to find what you are looking for when you just ask or search like you just did. Cheers! 

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