Best Buy return policy – Everything you need to know

You bought the wrong headphone model from Best Buy. Of course, your first thought is to return it immediately and get the right one. But does Best Buy allow returns? If so, how does the return process work?

In this article, you’ll learn everything there is to know about Best Buy’s return policy. 

What is Best Buy’s return policy?

Best Buy accepts returns for most electronic products. Depending on your purchase, the return window varies. For example, if you purchased a Best Buy membership plan, your return window would be longer. The higher the plan, the longer the return window.

The status of the device also affects your return window. For example, your return window will be shorter if you activate the device after purchase. For all activated devices, the return window is 14 days. So even if you purchased a membership plan, you don’t get longer return windows.

If the activated device is a Verizon model, the return window is 30 days. This policy applies to all customers. 

Below are the Best Buy membership plans and their return windows:

  • Standard membership: 15 days 
  • Elite members: 30 days
  • Elite Plus members: 45 days
  • TotalTech members: 60 days

Are Best Buy returns free?

Most times, Best Buy purchases attract a restocking fee. By a restocking fee, we mean you’d have to pay for Best Buy employees to repackage and return that product where it was taken from in the store. This policy applies to every customer. That includes customers with a Best Buy membership plan.

For activatable devices, you’d have to pay $45 when returning the product. For the following devices, you’d have to pay 15% of the product’s original price. That means, if you bought the device for $200, you’d have to pay $30. The devices include:

  • DSLR and mirrorless cameras and lenses
  • Drones
  • Electric bikes and mopeds
  • Body recovery systems
  • Premium camcorders
  • Projectors, projector screens, and special-order products

Variety of electronic devices

If you can return your product in a new-like condition, Best Buy will waive the restocking fee. 

What items can’t you return to Best Buy after purchase?

You can’t return All Sales Final or Final Sale items to Best Buy. Final Sale items refer to products that you can’t return after paying for them and taking them home. Most stores indicate items subject to Final Sale policies on their products. So always inspect the item before you check it out.

However, there are exceptions to Final Sale returns. If you purchased a damaged Final Sale item, you are still eligible for returns. If Best Buy refuses to accept the return, it’s a breach of warranty. You can report it to the appropriate authorities.

If you damaged the product after purchase, you are not eligible for returns. Other items you can’t return to Best Buy include:

  • Personalized or custom orders
  • Non-subscription digital content. E.g., digital gaming, prepaid cards, third-party gift cards, and prepaid phone cards.
  • Vehicle replacement key fobs.
  • Membership plans.
  • Plumbing items
  • Sexual wellness items
  • Trading cards. E.g., Pokemon cards.
  • Opened SIM kits or packs
  • Opened consumable items. E.g., batteries, cleaning agents, oils, fuel, filters, cleaners, ink, etc.

How to return Best Buy products

Go to the physical store or visit the Returns and Exchanges page to initiate a return process. You will see a link to the Best Buy store locator on this page. This locator will help you find Best Buy stores near you. Also, you can view the store information there, including operating hours and contact numbers.

When you arrive at a Best Buy store, present your receipt or other proof of payment. Best Buy will refund you after checking the product. However, if you damaged the item before purchase, you could choose to replace it with a new one instead of getting a refund.

But if you’re feeling lazy to go to the store, you can ship your product back to the store instead. Here’s how:

Step #1: Go to the “Returns and Exchanges” page.

On the Returns and Exchanges page, click or tap on “Start a return.” Ensure to create a Best Buy account beforehand. If you don’t, the website will prompt you to create one. Creating an account is necessary for initiating the return process.

Best Buy Returns and Exchanges page
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Step #2: Arrange your items into the product box

Gather the product you want to return, along with its accessories. Then place it carefully back into the box. Best Buy recommends returning items in new-like conditions. So ensure that every accessory that comes with the product is intact. 

Man standing beside packed brown box on a table

Step #3: Print your prepaid shipping label

Once you’ve logged into your Best Buy account, you will find an option to print a shipping label. Use the option to print out your label. You can do this at a printing shop or hub if you don’t have printers at home. Printing the label is free.

Black woman pasting shipping label on brown product box

Step #4: Go to a UPS office

Paste your shipping label on the product box. Then go to any UPS office near you and ship the product back to Best Buy. Best Buy will process the return within 15 to 20 days. If the store refunds you, it may take up to seven days for you to see the transaction in your bank account. If you used a gift card to make your purchase, the refund would appear in your gift card account. 

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