What Happens if I Don’t Pickup My Walmart Order?

What happens if I don’t pick up my Walmart order? You have 7 days to pick up your order from Walmart from the time of purchase. So if you missed your Walmart pickup, there’s still hope.

But the clock’s ticking! Find out what happens if you also miss the 7 days grace period for Walmart pickups as you read on.

How does Walmart pickup work?

Walmart pickup is pretty simple. When you place an order via the store’s website, you can choose between in-store pickup or curbside pickup. If you choose the pickup option, you’d have to make a minimum order of $35 to be eligible for it.

Once you’ve done that, select a pickup time between the hours of 8 AM to 8 PM. Walmart stores are usually open between those hours.

The next step is to wait until that time approaches. Then you can drive to your designated Walmart store and park your car at the curbside pickup area.

Woman holding up car boot while Walmart employee loads groceries into the boot

A Walmart employee will be with you shortly to load your car with the items you ordered for. You’ll need to sign your signature electronically on the employee’s hand-held scanner as confirmation of your pickup.

However, if you choose the in-store pickup option, you’d have to walk into the Walmart store to pick up your order.

Note: Not all products on the Walmart online store are eligible for pickup. When ordering, check the product information page to ensure the item is eligible for pickup before proceeding to the checkout page.

How much time do I have to pick up my Walmart order?

If you can’t pick up your Walmart order immediately, there’s a 7 days window to buy you some time. Within those 7 days, you can visit the Walmart store to collect your order. But the store has to be open for you to do that. 

The number seven written in white paint on a blue background

You can visit the official Walmart website to find out when your local Walmart store opens and closes. 

If you fail to pick up your order within the 7 days window, Walmart will refund you and return your items to the shelves for resale at the normal price. The store may also decide to put those items up for clearance sales.

You could be charged a small fee for the restocking process. So that explains why you don’t get a complete refund sometimes.

Can you change your Walmart pickup time?

You can change your Walmart pickup time within the same day of the order. So if you’re not certain you can make it to the store for pickup, it’s best to edit the order details before that time. Alternatively, call the store to inform them beforehand.

You can also cancel your order completely if you change your mind about grocery shopping. Here’s a short guide on how to do it.

How to cancel your Walmart pickup order

  • Open your Walmart app and tap the menu icon.
    Walmart app
  • Tap “Purchase history“.
    Walmart app menu
  • Select “Edit order“.
    Walmart Purchase history menu
  • You should see a list of the grocery items you ordered for. Scroll all the way down until you see the “Cancel order” option. Click on the option and your order will become cancelled.
    "Cancel order" option on Walmart app


Why can’t I cancel my Walmart order?

If you don’t see the option to cancel your Walmart order online, then it’s because your order has already been processed and is waiting for you at the Walmart store. It’s best if you head there to return the items to the Customer service.

Alternatively, you can just ignore the order and wait for the 7 days window to elapse. When this happens, Walmart will refund your money and return the items to the shelves for resale.

If it’s a home delivery, and you no longer want the items you ordered, you can return them to the store. You can do this by rescheduling a pickup from your home. In this case, a FedEx carrier will come to your house to pick up the items. After that, your money will be returned to your account within 5 to 10 days.

Just a recap!

In this post, we answered the question, “what happens if I don’t pick up my Walmart order?” by affirming that Walmart will keep your order waiting for 7 days. If you fail to collect your order within that time, Walmart will restock the items on their shelves and refund your money. We also revealed the steps to editing your order online before the pickup time.

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